Your guide to flying etiquette

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Most of us have experienced a flight that was memorable for all the wrong reasons, thanks to a noisy or not particularly space-conscious neighbour.

To avoid being ‘that person’ here are a few tips to ensure you are following good and proper plane etiquette. Perhaps you can pass these tips on to anybody who needs them!

Be mindful of the space you occupy

There’s no doubt some of the most frustrating passengers are those who recline their seats back to its limits for the whole flight, or take up the entire armrest and legroom.

Recline your seat when you really need to and check the person behind you has ample room, and ensure there’s equal share of the armrest. As a rule of thumb, don’t recline when the person behind you has a meal on their tray. If somebody is encroaching on your space, don’t be afraid to politely ask if they can give you a bit more room, or get the flight attendant to ask for you.

Keep the noise down

If you are travelling and chatting with companions, keep your voices low – especially during the night. Planes are small and everybody can hear everything, remember!

Likewise, when the plane has landed and you are allowed to use your mobile phone again, keep this discreet.

Remain aware of how loud the music and entertainment coming through your headphones is. It shouldn’t be audible to anybody but you.

Obey air host instructions

Don’t be ‘that person’ who doesn’t tilt their seat back up or turn off their electronic devices when asked. Follow the instructions of the airline staff to the tee, as this is for the safety of both you and your fellow passengers.

Most of these etiquette tips are common sense, but we all know due to personal experience that not everybody follows them! Luckily, you know just what to do.

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