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Webjet launches new travel app for Android

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Webjet has always strived to make things as easy as possible for our customers – helping you find the greatest flight deals, dispensing handy advice on the nearest suitable hotels and even locating the best car rentals firms once you've landed. Now, we've made things that little bit simpler and more efficient with the launch of our new Webjet app for Android.

Webjet for Android – an overview

This easy-to-use app follows in the digital footsteps of its wildly popular counterpart already available on the iPhone's iOS system. The Android version features a crisp, simple interface, designed to maximise ease-of-use when searching for that perfect summer (or winter!) getaway. You can search via price, departure time and specific airlines, meaning you can choose a flight tailored to your specific needs with infinite ease. Not only that, the app allows you to add certain extras to your flight, such as travel insurance and extra baggage allowance.

Hotel California (or Rome, or Paris, or Barcelona…)

Once you've stepped off your flight and can switch your phone back on, click back into the Webjet app. The 'Search Near Me' feature will find the best hotel deals closest to you, highlighting special offers and displaying TripAdvisor's respected ratings.

Deals on wheels

If you're in need of some wheels on your sojourn, the app also compares the prices and vehicle types of all the local car companies, so you'll be hitting the road in no time.

Faster than lightning 

If you're a frequent flyer who books with Webjet on a regular basis, the process can be made even faster by securely storing your credit card details. This way, you'll be able to search flights, book them and pay in less than ten touches of your screen.

Here are some other travel apps that we highly recommend:

Trip Journal

With Webjet handling all of your flight, accommodation and transportation needs, why not document your entire travelling experience as it happens? Trip Journal, available on iPhone, Android, Symbian and Facebook, works as a digital travel diary – only, this one can be read by everybody! Your friends and family can view, in real-time, the route you're travelling, where you've been, photographs of your current location and written updates. It's a great way of telling everyone what a great time you're having, as well as showing that you're safe and sound as you trot the globe, if your parents are the worrying type!

TravelSafe Pro

With Webjet and Trip Journal making your travel experience as enjoyable and fun possible, it's still important to consider safety. TravelSafe Pro details vital information that you'll need should something untoward occur, such as standard emergency numbers, your country's embassy and even seemingly obscure numbers such as mountain rescue. It's very simple to use, and doesn't even require an internet connection – which is useful when yourself off the beaten track.

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