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Top tips for better travel videos

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Wherever you’re headed off to on your next adventure, there’s a good chance you’re going to want record a few mementos of your time so that you can look back in years to come. However, it’s not just enough to take good photos anymore – plenty of modern day travellers want to create even more vivid memories with the help of a little video magic. Here’s how you can, too.

Tips for smartphone video shooters

In the words of the great Chase Jarvis, “the best camera is the one that’s with you”.  For many of us, that’s our smartphone. These increasingly powerful and portable devices are not only good for tweeting, status updates and directions around Paris, most come equipped with a highly capable camera.

To shoot good video on a smartphone, the first and easiest rule is to avoid taking any footage holding your phone vertically. Vertical video is great for Snapchat and selfies, but not the shots of your trip to Phuket, especially if you’re planning to edit it altogether.

On many smartphone cameras, the quality can decrease in low light, as well as when you zoom, so search for the best angles and light sources where possible for a clean picture. Just make sure you have enough memory on your phone!

Tips for compact camera or action cam shooters

For those travelling light with a compact or action camera, you’ll have a few more options when it comes to shooting video. A larger sensor can mean improved image quality, as well as better noise performance (so less grain in your shots).

Take advantage of having a dedicated camera by having a play around with your settings. You’ll be surprised at how a few simple tweaks for white balance, exposure override and ISO can change the look of your videos for the better.

Action cams have the advantage of being incredibly rugged, meaning they are a great companion if you’re planning on doing any adventure sports. However, their small size can often mean their batteries won’t last the day, so it’s worthwhile having a few spare charged ones ready to go.

Tips for DSLR shooters

If you’ve committed yourself to bringing a DSLR, you have the potential to make some incredible holiday movies. The quality far surpasses most smaller cameras, and there are endless options for customising your settings for the perfect effect.

Most DSLR videos however can be greatly improved by replacing the input from the internal mic with that from a proper microphone. There are several portable options which can provide enhanced audio, so it’s well worth checking these out. In addition, opt for lenses with image stabilisation to offset any shaky-cam of your trip to Bali.

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