You know the feeling. That rush of booking a new trip. The excitement of seeing a new destination. Where your soul will be alight and your mind full of wonder.

You have all the ingredients for a good-time cocktail; the best flights purchased, your favourite accommodation booked, space for relaxation and key activities locked in. When it comes to adding on your travel insurance you stop and think. Do I really need this?

With confusing insurance lingo, long policy documents and internet myths, it is hard to decipher fact from fiction. We are debunking the top 5 common myths around travel insurance to show you why it is an important ingredient for any holiday.

Myth #1: Nothing will happen to me. It’s a waste of money.

From the unfortunate dog destroyed my passport situation, lost luggage, or hefty medical bills from skiing accidents to a twisted knee from a casual stroll around Bali, sometimes travel doesn’t go as planned. It’s not just the trip itself, but sometimes delayed flights, or cancelled trips can happen before take-off.

When travellers purchase insurance, you select the level of cancellation cover you require, and choose an amount that covers the costs of your pre-paid trip. If travellers need to cancel or amend travel dates, they can claim the amount they have already paid for. This is the bonus of purchasing your travel insurance at the same time as the rest of your trip – you’ll have  cover before, and during your holiday.

Travel insurance is there to help support you through these mishaps so the emotional and financial stress can be alleviated in your time of need.

Myth #2: It’s too hard to claim

With some base knowledge of what is needed in order to claim and Cover-More’s easy-to-use online claims portal, it has never been easier to submit a claim.

Cover-More has an online claims portal that is available 24 hours a day, meaning you can submit at a time that is convenient to you. To ensure the process is a smooth experience in the event you do need to make a claim, it is important to take note of what is needed for a claim to be assessed.

If an incident does happen, it is helpful to get as many supporting documents overseas at the time of the incident.

Examples of supporting documents include.

  • Police reports
  • Receipts for anything you need to pay for surrounding the incident
  • Medical reports

Myth #3: I’m an adventure traveller. None of the activities I do will be covered anyway.

It might be surprising to know that adrenaline-fuelled activities such as bungy jumping, white water rafting, and on-piste snowboarding are automatically covered under Cover-More Travel Insurance*. Cover for more extreme sports such as skydiving and scuba diving are also offered for an additional cost on top of the policy.

Click here to read about what other adventure activities are included and which ones can be added for an additional cost.

Myth #4: I have pre-existing medical conditions and travel insurance won’t cover them. So, there is no point in me getting it anyway.

Cover-More has a list of pre-existing medical conditions that are automatically covered under the policy. If a condition you have isn’t listed, you are able to submit an Existing Medical Conditions form to apply for cover for an additional cost.

Click here to find out more information.

Myth #5: Travel insurance doesn’t cover anything COVID-19 related

COVID-19 has dominated a lot in recent years, especially our ability to travel. Thankfully, Cover-More now includes protection against certain situations affected by COVID-19.

If you purchase your policy at least 21 days before you head off on holiday, you can claim for non-refundable, pre-paid costs such as flights if you test positive for COVID-19 and can no longer travel on your scheduled departure date.

If COVID-19 affects your holiday while you are away, you could claim for:

  • Additional accommodation and/or transport costs if you must self-isolate overseas
  • Overseas medical expenses related to COVID-19
  • Costs related to repatriation

Click here to read more about the COVID-19 benefits.

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*Your participation in any of the activities listed under adventure activities is subject to the terms of cover. There is no cover for these activities if you are racing or participating in a Professional capacity. Please refer to the full PDS for all conditions around adventure sports cover. For COVID-19 claims to be considered, the country or area that the customer is in must not be listed as ‘Do not travel’ on at the time the traveller entered the country/area. Limits, sub-limits, conditions and exclusions apply. Insurance is administered by Cover-More Insurance Services Pty Ltd (ABN 95 003 114 145, AFSL 241713) and issued by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (ABN 13 000 296 640, AFSL 232507). Any advice is general advice only. Please consider your financial situation, needs and objectives and read the Combined Financial Services Guide/ Product Disclosure Statement before deciding to buy this insurance. For the Target Market Determinations for these products, visit here.

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