The friendliest countries to visit

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Even if you’ve got countless sights to see and activities planned, nothing is quite as rewarding as getting to know the friendly locals in the country or city you’re visiting.

If you’d like to travel in a country that’s welcoming as well as enthralling, why not consider one of these destinations?

These destinations are ranked the top five in an index named “attitude of population towards foreign visitors” in a 2013 survey “The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report”, conducted by the World Economic Forum.

1. Iceland

In the ranks of which country is most welcoming to foreign visitors, Iceland leads the way with a score of 6.8 out of 7. Locals may want to share their favourite places to dine or fill you in on ancient culture and Norse traditions.

2. New Zealand

Close-to-home New Zealand comes in at second place on the friendliness scale. Filled with gorgeous scenery and thrilling adventure activities, asking the locals where best to visit is easy in this country.

3. Morocco

Morocco is more than exotic culture, scorching deserts and stunning rivers – it’s also the third friendliest country to visit. According to the survey, Morocco comes with a score of 6.7 out of 7 on the ‘warm and welcoming scale’.

4. Macedonia

Explore Macedonia and feel at ease that you can ask directions to the best eateries, wineries or activities to do in the area without being brushed off. Locals are likely to be willing to help, with Macedonia rated fourth on the list of most welcoming countries.

5. Austria

Whether you head to Austria to ski, admire the stunning landscape or taste-test quality wine, it’s likely you’ll meet at least a few friendly locals on your trip. Ranking at number five on the World Economic Forum’s list, both Austria’s sights and residents will welcome you.

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