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The benefits of travelling solo

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Travelling can be a truly enriching experience, whether you’re taking a jaunt to a different state, or heading to the other side of the world to immerse yourself in another culture. However, it’s an experience that can also change drastically depending on who you go with, or whether you travel with anyone at all. 

Here we look at some of the benefits of flying solo. 

Staying together vs. splitting up

If you’re visiting a foreign land, it’s easy to get caught up in all the new exciting sights and sounds. However, while there is nothing better than admiring the splendour of the Colosseum in Rome, or winding your way through a bazaar in Morocco, it can all take a turn for the worse if you lose your travelling partner. 

The stress of trying to reunite with your mates can often detract away from the spectacle before you, turning it from a wondrous time to one filled with frantic searching and calling. In addition, if you’re a part of one, there’s no need to worry about anyone making you late for your flight (or the 8 o’ clock showing of Lion King on Broadway) so you only need to worry about getting yourself there on time. 

Where will your travels take you? Where will your travels take you?

Go your own way – every time

Often when you are travelling with a partner or a group, setting the day’s itinerary can become something of a mission each morning. Everyone will be waking up different times, and will undoubtedly want to see different things, meaning precious time is often lost in such debates. 

Travelling solo means that you can choose where and when you want to go, every time. No more missing out on the National Gallery in London because your one friend isn’t a fan of art, or skipping that awesome German biergarten due to one mate feeling like staying in. 

Your way, your time. Your way, your time.

Peace and quiet 

When you’re on your own, you truly get some time to reflect and invest time in yourself without the distractions and responsibilities of home. You’re don’t need to look out for anyone but yourself, meaning more time doing the things that make you happy. 

Perhaps even take the opportunity to disconnect from social media. Your family and friends will still be there by the time you come home, and at least you’ll have plenty of exciting stories to tell them. 

Time for a little 'you time'.Time for a little ‘you time’.

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