Romantic Things to do in Perth

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While Perth might not be the first city to come to mind when you think of romance, there are more than enough great ways to while away the hours with the special person in your life. From natural attractions and cultural outings to world class food and wine, you’ll find no shortage of romantic things to see, do and discover across the city.

Check out our picks for the top 10 romantic things to do in Perth.

Star gaze at the Perth Observatory

Located just 25 km from the city centre, Perth Observatory offers the chance to spend time stargazing with the special person in your life without having to travel a great distance from the heart of Perth. Feast your eyes on stars, planets, galaxies and more, and enjoy a unique experience usually reserved for remote destinations. If money’s no object, exclusive night bookings are also available, allowing you and your loved one to the explore the night sky and discover the natural wonders of the solar system, nearby galaxies and more.

Soak up the sights of an Indian Ocean sunset

Located on the country’s western edge, Perth is the only Australian capital city to offers the opportunity to enjoy an Indian Ocean sunset in its full glory. Pack a picnic, grab a serve of freshly cooked fish and chips, or whip up a special dish at home, and claim a prime viewing spot with your special someone on one of the city’s sandy beaches. Watch on as the sun slowly dips below the horizon and a myriad of colours are reflected on the water.

An Indian Ocean sunset, Perth, Australia
An Indian Ocean sunset, Perth, Australia. Image Credit: Barney Moss.

Head out for a romantic dinner

Sharing a special meal with your partner is a true romantic classic. and, with Perth’s huge selection of restaurants, it’s easy to find an eatery to match the tastes of both yourself and the special person in your life. Excite your palate with fresh Vietnamese flavours at Mama Tran, settle in for succulent Asian street eats at Lucky Chan’s or head to Tropico North Beach for great food and relaxed vibes.

Settle in for a picnic in Kings Park

Covering more land than New York’s Central Park, it comes as no surprise that Perth’s Kings Park claims the title of one of the world’s largest inner city parks. Free to enter, the park boasts sweeping views of the city, offering the ideal backdrop for a romantic picnic, a leisurely stroll or even the perfect proposal. Spanning across 440 hectares, you’re sure to find a quiet spot to share with your loved one.

Kings Park, Perth, Australia
Kings Park, Perth, Australia.

Wander through the exhibitions of the Art Gallery of Western Australia

Looking for a west coast date destination that oozes culture? The Art Gallery of Western Australia is the place to head! Home to a collection of more than 17,000 photographs, paintings, drawings and more, there’s sure to be a piece on show to spark the imagination of every visitor. Learn more about the tastes of your special someone, start a conversation about art, or simply take time out to admire the beauty of the classic and contemporary pieces on show.

Cruise along the Swan River

If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to spend time with your loved one and to see the sights of Perth from a different angle, there’s nothing quite like a Swan River cruise. Meandering along the river at a leisurely pace, chartered river cruises span from lunch outings lasting just a few hours through day trips travelling from Perth to Fremantle and back again. A great chance to slow down and soak up the city’s scenery, a Swan River cruise is a date idea with a difference.

Blackwall Reach, Swan River, Perth, Australia
Blackwall Reach, Swan River, Perth, Australia. Image Credit: Sam Wilson.

See the city from above

There’s nothing quite as romantic as planning a date that involves something a little out of the ordinary, and a private helicopter over Perth is sure to tick all the right boxes. Offering a different perspective of Perth, the Indian Ocean and the region surrounding the city, a chartered helicopter is an experience that definitely won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Sample the region’s fine produce

Whether you’re wanting to spend time in central Perth or are hoping to head beyond the city’s edge on an outing with your partner, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to sample the region’s fine food and wine. Join a guided tour and discover the fine offerings of Swan Valley, hire a car and explore at your own pace, or make your way to one of the city’s restaurants or bars and enjoy an evening of indulgence.

The Swan Valley, Australia
The Swan Valley, Australia. Image Credit: Robert Young.

Explore the city’s small bar scene

Ideal for a casual date or the start of great night out on the town, Perth’s small bar scene is home to a collection of creative, kooky and downright cool drinking spots. Set out on an adventure to discover hidden bars such as the Jazz Cellar and Sneaky Tony’s or peruse the drinks menus of creatively styled bars including The Classroom, Enrique’s School for to Bullfighting and Wolf Lane.

Spend the weekend on Rottnest Island

Said to be the place where Perth residents head to unwind and reconnect with nature, Rottnest Island is a great destination for a romantic weekend away. Set beyond the bright lights of Perth, Rottnest Island is easily reached from Fremantle, with the island located just a short plane ride or half hour ferry ride from the port city. Spot a smiling quokka in the wild, spend the day exploring the island’s cycling paths and walking trails or sit back, relax and feel soft sand between your toes at one of the island’s picturesque beaches.

Fish Hook Bay, Rottnest Island, Australia
Fish Hook Bay, Rottnest Island, Australia. Image Credit: Aussiejeff.

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