How to save money for your next holiday

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With so many spectacular countries in the world to visit, keen travellers are likely to have a bucket list of all the places they'd like to tick off.

Flying within Australia or overseas without breaking the bank is possible if you know how. Plan ahead and use these tips to save on your next holiday.

Plan early

If you know where you want to go and what you want to see, booking flights early is the best way to save money. Typically, the closer you book to the actual flight time, the more expensive the flight – so creating a mini itinerary before you leave home, and booking domestic flights accordingly, could save you hundreds.

Compare prices

By doing a little research, you can often grab flights at cheaper prices. At Webjet, travellers can compare and book the best prices on domestic and international flights, hotels and even car hire.

Use your smart phone

If you're stuck looking for a last-minute flight to a must-see destination that is interstate or overseas, downloading apps such as Webjet's app for iPhone can be the best way to ensure you find the best possible travel deals. The app lets you compare cheap flights and book them while on the go.

Beat the crowds

Flying when everyone else is also travelling generally means flights are more expensive. Avoid high holiday premiums on flights by avoiding peak travel times – for instance, around December and January, at Christmas and New Years. As well as avoiding high prices, booking in non-peak travel time will often mean you get the whole beach or hotel virtually to yourself. How relaxing!

Pick the right times to fly

It's not only times of year that can be more expensive than others – this tip also applies to times of the week. Flying mid-week can get you more affordable travel, so booking a flight for Tuesday or Wednesday could save you more than booking in popular travel times such as weekends.

Pack the bare minimum

Serial shoppers will emit a collective groan at this advice, but passing on the checked luggage option and taking carry-on only for domestic flights can drastically reduce your flight cost. If you're leaving your original destination permanently or flying internationally this may not be possible – but if not, it pays to pack light. 

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