How to pack like a professional

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Any well-travelled explorer knows there’s an art to packing, which can vary depending on where you’re going and what you plan to be doing. Packing for a trip to a plush resort in a European country, for instance, is very different to packing for a trip backpacking around South East Asia.

Here are a few tips to help you master the packing process so you’re never caught out overseas.

Make a list

It might seem obvious, but always endeavour to write a packing list of the essentials well before your leaving date. This gives you time to gather any extras you might need to borrow or purchase. Sit down and write your list, but be sure to revisit it a couple of hours later or even the next day, as it’s easy to forget a couple of items first time around.

Pack – then repack

Often the first time we pack a suitcase, it’s all too tempting to try to squeeze everything we want in there – even those non-essentials. Once you’ve completed your first round of packing, go through your items again and cull a few! The usual suspects that take up a lot of room include extra pairs of shoes and pieces of clothing that you’ve packed “just in case”.

Don’t pack basics you can buy there

You’re on holiday – it’s time to leave behind your favourite shampoo brand and do without for a couple of weeks. Items such as this can be purchased at your destination, which will help make your luggage significantly lighter at check-in. Take miniature toiletries to get you through any long flights and layovers, and grab anything else you need after you’ve touched down.

Pick up on these handy tips and you’ll be packing like a professional in no time at all.

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