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Don’t leave Rio without trying these local eats!

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The city of Rio De Janeiro is a vibrant hub where all the colours of Brazil collide; it's where the beautiful people come to frolic on the beach and samba the night away. If you want to try and blend in with the Cariocas?, or locals of this world-renowned city, one of the best ways to start is by tucking into the scrumptious food they love. 

Anything with acai 

This Amazon berry is a mythical superfood that you'll find being sold in a variety of guises throughout the city. It contains healthy antioxidants, and has been claimed to help anything from high cholesterol to weight management, according to Mayo Clinic. 

Along the beachfront, you'll see your fair share of street vendors flogging these in slushy or smoothie form, but you can also get one made up fresh at a juice bar. If you want to avoid the added sugar, you can also buy a bag of these to eat raw. 


Maybe not one for the vegetarians and vegans. A traditional barbecue restaurant, churrascarias offer the chance to chow down on perfectly cooked meat, filled with smoky flavours. Churrascaria Palace down at Copacabana has been around since 1951, filling the bellies of countless satisfied Cariocas with all-you-can-eat meat buffets. 

Of course, you can also get seafood and an array of side dishes, but to be honest, the meat is the star here. 

Tuck into char grilled meat at a Rio churrascaria. Tuck into chargrilled meat at a Rio churrascaria.


It's not the tapioca you're most likely thinking of. In Brazil, tapiocas are instead crepes, a beloved snack that you'll find being sold throughout the city. Made from shredded coconut and cassava flour, tapiocas are crispy on the outside and jam packed with tasty goodness on the inside, depending on your choice of accompanying filling. 

Either swing by a street vendor, or hit up a tapioca bar. Fillings can range from sweet Nutella, banana and caramel to savoury chicken and beef. 


Considered to be the national dish of Brazil, feijoada is a wholesome beans and meat combination that's certain to sate your hunger after a long day of exploring. Think black beans, greens, potato?es and stewed meat – accompanied by a slice of orange which is meant to balance out the cholesterol or the calories. 

Curiously enough, it's usually only served up on Saturday, but if your trip doesn't fall on a weekend, fear not, for Casa da Feijoada in the Copacabana cooks up the dish daily. 

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