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5 ways to make a long-haul flight bearable

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Flying on an international journey is an exciting experience that most travellers look forward to, especially if it’s their first time boarding an aeroplane.

However, once the crew settles down, the take-off has ended and the seatbelt light clicks off, it can become a little uncomfortable – particularly if you’re on a long-haul flight that could be upwards of 15 hours!

Not to worry – there are ways to ensure your flight is an enjoyable journey, whether your destination is Perth or Paris.

Distract yourself

Once you’ve tired of admiring the breathtaking expanse of clouds and ocean, take advantage of movies, music, books – anything you can sink your teeth into for a few hours.

Take advantage of the inflight entertainment and watch a movie, or read that nail-bitingly good chapter of your latest book, and watch the hours slip away without you even noticing!

Get comfortable

Don’t be afraid to ask airline staff for assistance if you’re uncomfortable, as they’re there to help. Ask for a blanket if you’re feeling chilly, and invest in a head rest before you board for the ultimate in comfort.

Who knows, if you make yourself comfortable enough, you could end up sleeping the entire flight away.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is vital to stay alert and hydrated. According to Kidney Health Australia, travelling at 2,500 metre altitudes or above can cause more rapid loss of fluid reserves – in fact, a relatively quick three-hour flight can see a passenger lose up to 1.5 litres of water.

Wear the right clothes

Unless you’re travelling first or business class, you will probably be confined to a relatively small area for a long period of time. This means anything restricting or tight, such as fitted jeans, should be saved for when you get to your destination. It’s also helpful to layer up when you get dressed for your flight, so you can adjust to the temperature while on the flight.

Be active

The human body is not designed to stay inactive for long periods of time. To avoid stiffness in your limbs after a long flight, make sure you regularly leave your seat (when it’s safe) and take a walk up and down the plane. When in your seat, shift positions and regularly do some recommended inflight exercises such as circling your ankles and shoulder rolls.

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