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5 Reasons to Get Travel Insurance

written by Webjet Australia March 19, 2017
5 reasons to get travel insurance

Not certain of if you really need to purchase travel insurance for your next international trip? It may seem like an extra expense that doesn’t really pay off unless something goes wrong, but it is a good idea to be covered for all the ‘what ifs’ that may occur. Offering peace of mind, financial support and so much more, buying travel insurance could mean the difference between enjoying a holiday you’ll never forget and having a holiday that you’d rather just forget.

If you’re not sure if you should buy travel insurance, check out 5 of the best reasons below:

It’s generally quite affordable

When you’ve already paid for your flights and accommodation and have budgeted for other costs such as daily spending, travel insurance can seem like an extra expense that you might not even need. However, although it may seem costly after paying for the rest of your holiday, the benefits of the policy and the peace of mind it offers definitely outway the price. Instead of worrying about being left out of pocket for things that you can’t control, such as flight cancellations and medical emergencies, a few hundred dollars can make all the difference in the long run.

You can’t predict what will happen

Even with the best made plans and intentions, you cannot guarantee that the lead up to your holiday and your planned itinerary will run smoothly. Illness, flight delays, flight cancellations, and even political instability in your planned destination can leave you missing connections, unable to travel and out of pocket. If you need to cancel your trip with good reason or external factors stop you from travelling, travel insurance can help you to recoup your deposits and prepayments, and get your holiday back on track.

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Belongings can be misplaced or stolen

Even if you take all the care you can to ensure that your luggage, valuables and travel documents are kept safe, unexpected mishaps can leave you without your travel essentials. Sometimes, baggage can be delayed or lost by your airline, leaving you without clothing, toiletries and other items for a few days or, in the worst case, for the entirety of your trip, while things like passports, technology and valuables can be targeted by pickpockets and thieves. Although some of your belongings may be irreplaceable, travel insurance can provide you with some financial compensation if the worst were to happen.

Medical emergencies can arise

In many countries, medical treatment for international visitors is not subsidised, leaving you with a hefty bill once your ailment has been seen to. Although you may not think that you will become sick or injured during your travels, it certainly makes sense to spend just a few hundred dollars to ensure you that you can receive the care you need if you need it. Whether it’s a stomach bug, a broken bone or something a little more serious, many travel insurance policies help to cover hospital care, doctors visits, prescriptions, and, in serious cases, medical evacuations.

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The value of peace of mind

One of the greatest benefits of a travel insurance policy is the peace of mind that it offers you as you travel. Instead of having to stress about every eventuality, you can rest easy knowing that you have the cover to ensure that you receive any medical help that you may need, are reimbursed for unavoidable changes to your travel plans and are even covered for the theft or loss of your belongings. With activity specific cover also available, including cruise insurance, snow sports insurance and adventure insurance, you’re able to enjoy a wide variety of experiences worry-free as you travel the globe.

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