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10 Minutes with Bron from Smiths Holiday Road

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Looking for a way to document her family’s travels, Bron from Smiths Holiday Road decided to start her own blog, sharing her own experiences, as well as amazing destinations in Australia and overseas.

Wanting to know a little more about Bron’s blog and some of the incredible adventures she’s had on the road with her family, we decided to reach out and ask her a few questions. Check out her great answers below:

Tell us a little about yourself and your blog?

My name is Bron and my family of five live in Melbourne, Australia. We share all our adventures from Melbourne and beyond, with a special focus on wheelchair access and inclusion.

What was it that led you to start writing about your adventures?

Three years ago we took a trip to Europe and I wanted a way to document our travels. I had been blogging for years before that, but this was a way we could focus on just the travel and adventure side of our lives. I love sharing and writing about what we do because it helps show people you can adventure just outside your own door and learn so much!

How would you describe your family’s travel style? Are you all about luxury or do you prefer to travel on the cheap?

Our style is definitely budget with the occasional splurge thrown in there to keep us going! We like to go to places that are adventurous and outside the box. We like to catch local transport and don’t usually stay still in a resort. We love to connect with the locals and some of our favourite travel memories are staying in hostels or guesthouses and meeting new people.

Are there certain things you look for when choosing a holiday destination? Do you have a mental checklist that you run through?

I mostly look for cheap flights then plan after that! We are always looking for somewhere new to explore and somewhere that may have us facing a challenge. We love to test ourselves as those experiences make for the best stories and connections. Travelling with a wheelchair, we do have to do some extra research, but it is mostly about knowing what to expect rather than ruling out a destination.

What would you say is the best part of travelling with the whole family in tow?

Without a doubt it’s about learning to play to each others strengths. Travel sees us in some very different situations and makes us think on our feet. It requires us to be flexible, open minded and to step outside our comfort zone. I love when we get to achieve something as a team. Even though it’s stressful at times, we come out the other side laughing!

If you could share one golden piece of travel advice, what would your top tip be?

Travel now. Don’t wait for the RIGHT time. Today is the right time and travelling to other countries really opens up your world and encourages you to embrace and empathise with so many different types of people and cultures.

What has been your favourite destination to date?

We all have a different favourite! Andrew loves Japan, Cooper loves Seoul, South Korea, Pepper loves Hawaii, Woody loves New Zealand, and, for me, I would say Cambodia.

Where did you head for your last adventure?

Our last adventure was a holiday to Hawaii. We spent a week on Oahu hiking, swimming and parasailing. It holds some stunning scenery and some beautiful sunshine!

And where are you travelling next?

In September we are going to explore India for 3 weeks. We are focusing on Rajasthan and Kerala. I feel as though this will be a next level adventure and we can’t wait!

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Feature Image Credit: Smiths Holiday Road.

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