Get romantic in Florence

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If you're looking for the perfect destination for romance, look no further than Florence, the charming capital of Tuscany in Italy.

This magical, historic city has the atmosphere and the sights to make any traveller's heart throb, so loved-up couples are in for a treat when they visit. Get there from Rome in just under an hour and a half by train, then you'll be ready to explore.

Here are just three of the most exquisite couples' activities to add to your Florence itinerary:

Explore the Boboli Gardens

A stroll through the picturesque Boboli Gardens will treat you to a spread of elegant lawns, meadows and gorgeous sculptures, encapsulating the antique vibe of this historic city. Wander the grounds as many others have done since the garden was opened to the public in 1776, and visit some of the favourite attractions it has to offer. A stone amphitheatre, grotto, fountains and Roman statues with origins dating back to 1,000 years ago are among the features to discover.

Whether you discover the colourful past of the gardens or simply admire the sweeping view over Florence, it's sure to be an experience no couple will forget.

Stroll Ponte Vecchio

The famous Ponte Vecchio, or the 'Old Bridge' is more than just a perfect place to walk hand in hand with your lover – it's also packed full of rich history, and no visit to Florence is complete without crossing it. The original bridge was destroyed by floods, but the one that stands today was built in 1345. Since then, the structure has withstood the tests of time and witnessed plenty of historic moments, including standing through World War II. In fact, the Ponte Vecchio was the only bridge in Florence that the Germans did not destroy during the war.

Wander the ancient structure with your significant other and admire the trickling waters of the Arno River below, and bask in the eerie and magical thought of times of old. There are also plenty of shops located on the bridge. According to Florence' tourism website, stores including butchers, tanners and fishmongers arrived on the bridge in the 13th Century. Now, stores on the bridge offer jewellery and other fine treasures – the perfect romantic keepsake.

Wine and dine on sumptuous fare

A dinner is often used to celebrate anniversaries and other romantic milestones, so wining and dining in Florence is a must-do for couples. Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina is just one restaurant option within Florence, but it's a perfect place for couples to relax and enjoy authentic Italian cuisine.

Pasta is a necessity on any visitor's menu, and Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina won't disappoint. Hand crafted pasta, fresh local cheese and charcuterie adorn the pasta options. Pair with a Tuscan wine from local family owned producers and wineries, and indulge in a night of bliss while overlooking the Pitti Palace.

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