The Best Honeymoon Islands in the South Pacific

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After the busyness of wedding planning and the big day itself, an island vacation to slow down the pace and reconnect is an ideal way to go. After all, secluded stretches of sand, expanses of shimmering water, soothing horizons, and limited decisions to be made other than what time you’ll schedule a massage or settle in for sundowners are the perfect formula for a romantic escape. 

Being in Australia, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to isles within easy reach. There are hundreds of romantic South Pacific getaways just beyond our doorstep, which means you can start your holiday fresh in a few hours from the mainland. Whether you’re the kind of couple that likes beach yoga, snorkelling, and paddle-boarding, or would prefer to stay put at a luxe, adults-only resort, there’s a honeymoon island in the South Pacific for you. Choose your favourite flavour from the dreamy South Pacific destinations ahead, and you’ll have that first cocktail in your hands in no time. 

The Best South Pacific Islands For A Honeymoon Close to Australia

Melanesia is close to the coast of Australia, so if travel time is a concern, it’s an excellent place to look and has plenty of options. Find some of its most romantic areas below. 

Romantic Vanuatu Islands

Vanuatu is one of the best places to honeymoon nearby Australia. Brisbane-based lovers are looking at as little as two-and-a-half hours to arrive, and the rest of the eastern seaboard will reach the “Isle of Smiles” in five hours or less. 


The temptation of Tanna is in its raw, rugged beauty. Made up of peaceful rainforests, plantations, secluded beaches, waterfalls, and one of the world’s most active volcanoes, intrepid lovers will appreciate the off-the-beaten trail feel of this South Pacific destination. Soak in the Sulphur Bay hot springs, see sparks of lava flying out of the Mt Yasur crater, hide away in the magical Blue Cave, and step back in time on a trip to one of the area’s traditional mountain villages. 

Espiritu Santo 

With some of the most beautiful beaches in Vanuatu (and a famous one even called Champagne), Espiritu Santo is worthy of a spot on any romantic getaways hit list. It’s a 50-minute flight from Port Vila to arrive at this stunning isle, which features world-class diving, mesmerising blue holes, coconut groves, super-fresh seafood, horseback riding, and the opportunity to hike up Vanuatu’s highest mountains.

Espiritu Santo. Credit: Simon_sees | CC BY 2.0

Romantic Fiji Islands

The 300-plus islands of Fiji offer plenty of choice for castaway honeymooners. With the archipelago’s formula of relaxation, indulgence, and epic natural beauty, you pretty much can’t go wrong. Still, when deciding on the best romantic island getaways in Fiji, the X-factors are seclusion and exclusivity. Start with the ahead. 

Turtle Island 

This eco-retreat in the Yasawas is exclusive to just 14 couples at a time, so it immediately ticks all the boxes for your romantic getaway in Fiji. There’s even a stretch of sand here named Honeymoon Beach. Prepare for Champagne breakfasts, private picnics, candlelit dinners on a floating platoon, and snorkelling hand-in-hand. As far as romantic things to do in Fiji go, you’ll be hard-pressed to top the offering here. 

Tokoriki Island

Famous for its swanky, adults-only resort, Tokoriki in the Mamanucas is a dream destination for newlyweds. Unwind with your lover over long, lazy days wandering barefoot on the beach, snorkelling atop the technicolour reef, drinking in the view from the edge of an infinity pool, and celebrating with sunset Champagnes. 

Romantic New Caledonia Islands

The combination of French influence and tropical bliss provided by New Caledonia’s islands make it a fantastic choice for your honeymoon. Paris meets paradise? Yes, please. 


If you would prefer your New Caledonia vacation far from the madding crowd, Ouvea should do the trick. The farthest island from Noumea at a 50-minute flight or six-hour boat ride, the distance keeps some of the tourists at bay. Ouvea’s perfect deserted beaches, azure waters, coconut palms, and the tropical flowers scenting the air add up to holiday heaven. It’s all about unplugging and gazing out to the horizon here, with the island’s white sands, turquoise lagoons, and wildlife the highlights. 

Ouvea. Credit: -epsilon- | CC BY 2.0

The Best Islands in French Polynesia For a Honeymoon 

A little further afield from the mainland than Melanesia, it’s worth the extra travel time for the seclusion, culture and luxury provided by the isles of French Polynesia.

Bora Bora

A list of honeymoon destinations without Bora Bora would be incomplete. It’s the pinnacle – its lagoons a mosaic of blue, and its mountains a quilt of jewel green. Balmy, starlit nights spent with your sweetheart in Bora Bora will provide just the type of pinch-yourself moments your post-nuptial getaway deserves. It’s not all slow-paced, sun-and-sand time here either. Get in on the action with diving, snorkelling, hiking, and more. Following your adventures, rest in luxury at a five-star resort, listening to the waves crash in the background. Or catch a sunset over Motu Piti A’au, which roughly translates to the “Isle of Two Hearts”. 

Bora Bora. Credit: Daniel Chodusov | CC BY-ND 2.0


This Tahitian beauty has the aquamarine waters and over-water bungalows of its neighbouring Bora Bora, but it’s a little more low-key. If you don’t mind a chill time in a gorgeous environment, then Taha’a is for you. Soak in the natural glories of this island relatively uninterrupted – you’ll get plenty of quiet. Taha’a is also known for its vanilla trade, and the scent of this spice fills the air on this extra-sweet island escape. 


This heart-shaped island is a symbolic contender for your honeymoon, sure. But the real appeal is in its postcard-perfect landscapes, with warm, turquoise waters lapping onto white-sand beaches framed by lush peaks. This little sister to Tahiti, while beautiful, doesn’t draw the same crowds. In addition to beach-bumming, there is lots of activity to occupy you, from water sports to hiking, biking and horse riding onshore. 

Moorea. Credit: Thomas Lamy | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Best Islands in Polynesia For a Honeymoon

Adding to the cultural mix of the South Pacific islands for your honeymoon, North America-adjacent Hawaii is also an option. Some other options in Polynesia also include Samoa and the Cook Islands.

Romantic Hawaiian Island

Kauai Island

This island in Hawaii is a literal and metaphorical double rainbow. It offers the best of pretty much everything a newlywed couple could want – fun, adventure, perfect weather, magnificent scenes and an in-the-moment style. If all the resorts and poolside cocktails of Honolulu or Maui don’t appeal, then consider Kauai, where you can choose zip-lining, sea-caving, big-wave surfing, and more. Those who call Kauai home are all about good vibes, all the time – an attitude that’s bound to rub off during your stay here.   

Kauai. Credit: Matthew Dillon | CC BY 2.0

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Hero image: Bora Bora. Credit: Chris Hoare | CC BY 2.0

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