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5 romantic restaurants to celebrate your anniversary in Paris

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What better place to feel the love with your significant other than in Paris? With so many quaint and beautiful eateries it can be the perfect setting for your anniversary.


This restaurant is quintessentially Parisian, with elegant decor and deliciously decadent food. The interior is distinctive with plush red velvet armchairs, romantic realist paintings, thick curtains and rich mahogany wood with intricate carved detailing. Founded in 1766, Laperouse has been kept in its original glory – it'll feel like you've been transported to vintage Paris to where poets and musicians came to dine. 

For some alone time with your loved one, choose one of the private rooms. De La Belle Otero is an intimate setting, with a table for two and a vibrant red side couch. Deciding on a meal from the lavish menu is somewhat difficult, with each dish more delicious than the last. Finish your meal with the Laperouse Souffle, with chestnuts, white chocolate and aged rum sauce, this clementine sorbet has been a favourite for 100 years.

Le Jules Verne

Here's another spectacular venue that serves up French dishes in the lap of luxury. Sitting high above Paris, the dining room looks out over the city and is one of the warmest and most intimate places you can share a meal. 

The dishes available on the Experience menu highlight what makes this restaurant special – old classics re-ignited with a contemporary flair. The ingredients are sourced locally from this decadent region. Choose five or six dishes that will take your tastebuds on a journey. The Belleuve-style blue lobster and gold caviar, and roasted apricots with almond milk sorbet are to die for.

La Grande Cascade

This restaurant will make you and your loved one feel like royalty, with opulent chandeliers, crimson carpets, a gorgeous circular skylight and gold detailing throughout. 

The chef, Frederic Robert, has created dishes that are marvellously simple and utterly delicious. It is these dishes that have contributed to the reputation of the eatery and keep drawing visitors in. One starter that you and your partner can share is the shredded crab in an anise cappuccino, with Creole-spiced fennel in aspic.

Mori Venice Bar

With a quiet and serene atmosphere, you and your partner will find romance at this restaurant. The decor has been influenced by Milan and is neutral and utterly chic, with white tablecloths, sumptuous leather armchairs and banquettes. Venice comes through in delicate touches, with Murano glass lamps and the warm wooden fittings.

The food here is inspired by the tastes of Italy and will make your mouth water. For a starter try the tender tuna belly with fresh fennel or ham and mascarpone. Tripe alla parmigiana is saucy and creamy, with tomatoes and polenta making up the base.

L'Ilot Vache

L'llot Vache is a delightful old style restaurant in the middle of Paris. The dining room is small and intimate, with dark wooden tables and chairs, and tall vases of fresh flowers giving a burst of colour to the room. The exposed brick walls and golden wall lights make this restaurant feel like you're in on a well-kept secret. 

The menu is also a real highlight. When you're visiting with your loved one, order a few starters and mains and share in the many taste delights from the traditional menu. Some stand-out dishes are the terrine avocado and tomato sauce with basil, the foie gras with seasonal fruit and the fillet of beef with three sauces, roquefort, bearnaise and green pepper.

Each one of these Parisian restaurants makes for a truly authentic and wonderful place to share a meal on your special day with your loved one.

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