Travelling with teenagers

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Contrary to popular opinion, teenagers can make fun travel companions. Their bold teenage attitude towards life will have them up for anything – theme parks, day long treks in the jungle – you name it!

Here are some tips on how to make the most of travelling in a new country with teenagers:

Pick the right accommodation

Although most teenagers will be happy to spend quality time with their parents, they also need a little space. Keeping this in mind when picking your accommodation will mean everyone in the family is happy – and there are plenty of accommodation features to consider.

Choosing a hotel room with separate sleeping areas is perfect to give teenagers the privacy they want (and ensure you get the same!), while making teens feel a little more grown up.

Likewise, a separate bathroom is a feature to consider. This ensures that everyone gets their own areas to get ready in – plus, you’ll avoid being locked out for hours on end while your teen daughter applies her make-up!

Other features to keep an eye out for are hotels with kitchenettes, hotel activities and extensive dining options to make your trip that little bit easier. A separate kitchenette will allow teenagers to make their own snacks throughout the day and minimise costs of eating out as a family for the duration of your trip.

If you’re headed to a destination like Bali, the Pullman Bali Legian Nirwana is a great example of a hotel suited to families with teenagers. In a two bedroom suite, you’ll get a king sized bed and a separate room with two single beds, as well as cable television and internet access for teens and parents to check in to social media or check emails. Plus, it’s located near Kuta Beach and there are three convenient restaurants to choose from.

Enjoy ‘older’ attractions

The beauty of travelling with teenagers is that they are likely to be up for most of the same activities that you are. Although that museum you’re dying to visit may inspire a cheeky eye-roll, teens will be excited at the prospect of many activities.

Make the most of it and add landmarks, snorkelling, or even camel riding in Dubai to your list of must-do’s.

They’re also at the age where they can look after themselves, so if you disagree on an attraction to see or place to visit, don’t be afraid to let them explore their preference alone. However, this is best done with a sibling or friend, and make sure everyone has a cell phone on them at all times.

Choose the right destination

When choosing a holiday, it’s important to decide on a destination you will all love. Involve your teenagers in the planning, and seriously consider their suggestions (within reason!). Often, a little compromise can mean you all end up happy with the country you choose to visit.

Consider heading to a city such as Hong Kong. This destination is full of activities to satisfy all ages. Try a visit to the Temple Street Night Market to get your fortune told, or take a trip to the Ocean Park Hong Kong for marine life such as walruses, snowy owls and arctic foxes and thrill rides.

Teens are often up for adventure, so heading to a country that offers thrilling activities and an exciting atmosphere could be the perfect choice for an outgoing family. Futuristic Dubai is an up-and-coming adventure destination with activities galore. Choose from exploring the dunes on a desert tour, admiring the scenery from a hot air balloon, or jet skiing across the Dubai waters, and much more.

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