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Travel Bloggers Share Their Favourite Sunset Shots

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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as capturing that perfect sunset shot, whether you’re travelling across the globe or simply heading home after a long day at work. Celebrating the beauty and simplicity of these wonderful photo opportunities, we reached out to some of our favourite travel bloggers, asking them to share their favourite sunset shots.

Check out their fantastic sunsets below:

Rene from Together We Roam

It’s all about the feels – I can’t go past this recent sunset on Karon Beach, Phuket. We kicked back with a sundowner and watched the kids play. As the sun goes down, here’s our girl singing a Disney Moana song to the ocean as if she was the only person in the world. These moments are the reason we travel with kids.


Liz from Passport Packed

Taken at Piha Beach in Auckland earlier this year – a great spot to watch the sunset! No filter needed.


Jolene and Andrzej from Wanderlust Storytellers

This sunset shot was taken at the famous ocean swings on Gili Trawagan Island in Indonesia. We visited Gili T last year in September as part of a Bali-Lombok Gili Island trip! We were lucky to see a beautiful sunset every night while we were there!


Jean from Holy Smithereens

Tahiti is one of the very few destinations in the world that is worth the hype. And, while the crystal clear blue waters of Tahiti are beckoning, there’s also nothing like the faint glow of a beautiful sunset over the signature over-water villas, the origins of which come from Mo’orea. I took this photograph on my last day in Tahiti (in Mo’orea). And, just as they say that sunsets begin the promise of a new dawn, I’d like to believe that this memorable shot and imprint is the promise of my return to Tahiti.


Christine from Adventure, Baby!

I captured this sunset at the marina in Nelson Bay, a popular holiday spot in Port Stephens, on the NSW coast. We had a lot of dramatic sunsets while we were there and I chased more than one down to the waterfront to capture it before the sun vanished below the horizon.


Rain from Words and Wanderlust

My daily drive home from work is almost always punctuated by raging sunsets. It feels like it’s the universe’s way of patting my shoulder at the end of the day, saying I did a good job. This one for instance is somewhere in Newcastle, NSW.


Ashlyn from The Lost Girl’s Guide to Finding the World

This photo was snapped during a mid-summer midnight sunset on the Antarctic Peninsula, right before I climbed inside my bivy sack to spend a night out on the snow and ice. It truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I won’t ever forget, especially because the sun rose only an hour or two later

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