Top 10 destinations for adventure

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If you’ve ever fantasised about throwing yourself off a bridge attached only to a bungy cord, daydreamed about stalking alongside lions and elephants, or been excited by the thought of rushing down white-water rapids, an adventure holiday could be just what you need.

Some destinations are just suited to certain types of traveller- and if the above suggestions send you running for the hills, you may be better off relaxing on an island beach in Vanuatu or Fiji.

However, if you are a thrill-seeker, why not take the trip of a lifetime and book flights to one of these adventurous destinations?


Visiting Switzerland in winter gives you the best chance to partake in one of their most popular and most thrilling activities – cross-country skiing. Glide down fresh powdered snow at top speed and admire the glorious mountain-top scenery. If you’d like to adventure the mountains another way, try trekking down on the back of a mule!


Snow activities are also the main attraction in Canada. One of the best to try is undoubtedly a dog-sledding adventure. Pack your warmest coat and whiz through the spectacular Canadian Rockies behind a team of husky dogs, and have a go at driving them yourself.


Exploring a country with a culture vastly different to your own is an adventure in itself, but that’s not where the excitement ends in Thailand. Trek through exotic jungles with gushing waterfalls, or if you’d rather explore the greenery from a different viewpoint, hold on tight as you rush down white-water rapids in a raft.

Another exciting adventure to try in Thailand is ‘deep water soloing’ – a death-defying sport in which you can climb rugged natural seaside rock faces with absolutely no gear, and face a drop into deep water below if you make a wrong move.

Galapagos Islands

This wild-life rich island is a great destination for thrill-seekers. From diving with glorious animals such as manta rays, white-tipped reef sharks and hammerheads to trekking through rainforest on horseback, this island is perfect for wildlife lovers that aren’t afraid to take a few risks.

New Zealand

New Zealand is home to the first bungy jumping adventurer AJ Hackett, so if you’re heading there on an adventure trip a bungy jump should be at the top of your list. Once you’ve dangled above the ocean, take a ride on a twisting and turning luge in Queenstown or skydive from 12,000 feet for an extra thrill.


You’ve probably already heard of this country’s top adventure activity – the famous Running of the Bulls. In this festival, participants literally run through the streets of Pamplona from aggressive bulls. This is a particularly risky activity, so if you’re not quite game for it, Spain also offers adventures such as wild clubbing in Ibiza and snow boarding in winter.


Kenya is home to many wild, dangerous and exotic animals, so getting up close and personal to them will ensure you make the most of an adventure trip to Kenya. Go on a safari and visit somewhere like Masai Mara National Park, where you’ll come face-to-face with magnificent animals such as lions, wildebeest, gazelle and zebra.


The vibrant and exotic country of Brazil offers enough for the most demanding adventure traveller. Take a hike through the Amazon, teeming with species such as sloths, or jump off a cliff and swoop thousands of feet above Rio de Janeiro in a hang glider, admiring the beautiful scenery including the famed Christ the Redeemer statue.


Our very own Australia is a treasure trove of adventure activities. Learn to muster cattle over the dusty plains, or catch a gnarly wave at Bells Beach on a surfboard. However, you’ll have to travel underneath the water to discover the best – from diving the Great Barrier Reef with colourful fish and the odd reef shark to visiting a placid whale shark at Ningaloo Reef, it’s a world of adventure in Australia.


Visit fairytale castles and pretend you’re from days of old or gather up your hiking gear and traverse the Bavarian Alps for a adventure to be reckoned with in Germany. If you visit during October, be sure to attend Oktoberfest – an incredibly huge and famous beer festival held in Munich.

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