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Sight-seeing by bike in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is full of museums and world-famous sights as well as hidden gems down cobblestoned alleyways. To experience the wonder of the city, hire a bike and head to these hot spots.

There are bike rental spots throughout the city, including Amstel Fietspoint near Amstel train station and Holland Rent-a-bike Beursstalling that's right by Central Station.

I am Amsterdam sign

Start out your day of sightseeing at this iconic modern landmark. At over two metres tall, 23.5 metres wide and in bold white and red, they definitely make a statement. This is a perfect photo opportunity, so be sure to get a couple of snaps before you move on.

Most often the letters can be found at the back of the Rijksmuseum on Museumplein, and until August 10 the travelling set of letters will be on Arena Boulevard in Amsterdam as part of the Kawaky Summer Festival. 


When you're visiting the sign, park your bike up and pop into this amazing museum. Dedicated to art and history, this museum is one of the best in the nation, and there's always a lot happening. 

There are many guided tours available. Learn more about the 17th century in the Netherlands, including the ship trade and exploration, artists such as Rembrant and Vermeer and infamous historical figures such as Prince Maurits and Michiel de Ruyter.

On other tours, such as highlights of the Rijkmuseum, you'll be surprised by what there is to see, from 20th century original planes to an entire replica room from the 18th century.

Van Gogh Museum

That's right, there's a whole museum dedicated to this magnetising character from the art world. Just around the corner from Rijksmuseum, it's about a minute's bike ride away and is a must for your sightseeing list. 

This museum houses the largest collection of art by Van Gogh in the world. There is nowhere else where you can quite so clearly see this artist's growth and changes in his work over the course of his life. 

Although the focus is most definitely on Vincent Van Gogh, you'll also see a range of exhibitions and displays about art from the 19th century. If you're travelling with a group, take a tour together. In 50 minutes you'll learn all about the stories behind the paintings, including what influenced him at various points in his life, including his time in Paris.

Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum is next door to the Van Gogh Museum and is a home for bright and bold contemporary art in Amsterdam – you'll be wowed by the range of art on display.

Here you can also take a guided tour that focuses on particular highlights of the extensive collection. If you have a specific area of interest, get a tailored tour. Just book two weeks in advance to enjoy a special theme.

Include one of the current exhibitions along with a visit to the permanent collection. Running from July 20 to November 9 is an exhibition called Bad Thoughts, a collection of works brought together from Martijn and Jeannette Sanders. At this exhibition you'll see a selection that is large and diverse, including films, videos and installations from the likes of Mac Adams and Ger van Elk.


Just out of the city is Lisse, the gorgeous tiny is town known for its vibrant floral attractions. Biking here from the city will take one and a half to two hours, along a route that takes you through the beautifully authentic city lined with lush trees and brick buildings into the stunning scenery of the country. Alternatively, you can take your bike onto the train and cycle around the town.

One of the highlights of the area is undoubtedly the Keukenhof Gardens. There are hundreds of colourful tulips here as well as themed pavilions and floral mosaics. You're also sure to spot some marvellous traditional windmills that will top off the whole experience.

Hire a bike and make your way around this lovely city. The museums are definitely a must on your travels, as they are filled with art, history and ingenuity. A trip out of the city to the vibrant town of Lisse should also make it to your sightseeing list.

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