How to escape Australia’s heat

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Any country that's home to a place officially called the 'Sunshine Coast' is no stranger to glorious hot days and a culture of whiling away summers on the beach. For some however, summer is simply a time to escape the heat and look for whiter pastures.

Here are a few off-piste ideas to get you started.

Zip zip zipline away

Whistler, Canada, is a known hideaway for winter-loving Australians. Just two hours from Vancouver, Whistler is a popular ski resort and holiday destination.

A truly special experience awaits with Whistler Zipline Tours where you can soar above the pristine winter village on a series of high-rise wires similar to a flying fox. The company offers four zipline tour options: the bear tour with its five lines and network of suspension bridges, the eagle tour with the five fastest and longest lines (including one with a 30-storey descent), the superfly line that glides past Cougar Mountain and Whistler Valley, or the mammoth tour, which is simply all of the above!

Get your skates on

By summer, Switzerland's Lake de Joux is an idyllic mass of water attracting yachties, windsurfers, waterskiiers and all manner of other water sports. By winter, the temperature drops and this lake near the French border becomes a massive natural ice rink. The 'rink' is free to access, just hire your skates by the edges and set off onto the 9.5 square kilometres of frozen water, where the surrounding Jura Mountains provide a scenic winter wonderland backdrop.

The whole lake is usually frozen by February, and can sometimes be ready for skating as early as January or even December.

Behind the handlebars of a snowmobile

Snowmobiles are a convenient way to get around for those living in consistently wintry places, but for everyone else, they're just plain fun!

Utah is one of the best places in the world to jump on a snowmobile and enjoy your own adventure for a full- or half-day tour. Backcountry Snowmobiling operates out of the Park City ski resort and brings a range of tours to the table, each of which caters to your skill level and interests. The high elevation allows for stunning views to as far away as Wyoming and Idaho, and the forested landscape provides a far more interesting playground than a bare mountainside.

Winter is irresistibly pretty and unarguably fun – simply jump on a plane to experience one of these wintry adventures for yourself!

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