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Camping in Canada: 4 stunning sites for sleeping under the stars

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While sleeping in a luxury hotel in Vancouver may be the ideal holiday for some travellers, others may prefer to leave the comforts of home behind as they boldly set out into the great outdoors. And where better to explore the thrills, sights and experiences nature has to offer than the rugged wilderness of Canada?

Here are four great options for when you decide to forgo the hotel for a few days of camping:

Ruckle Provincial Park, British Columbia

With many kilometres of rocky shores, sandy coves and secluded bays, Ruckle Park can provide days of comfortable and fun sea-side camping experiences. Setting up your tent in this national park is great for those who want to enjoy both the surf and the more rugged forested areas in Canada.

Imagine opening your tent flap in the morning, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes and seeing killer whales cruising past in the bay below. Head out to Salt Spring Island to experience first-hand the might of the Orca whales, sea lions and river otters cavorting along the shoreline.

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

More than 485 million years of tectonic activity moulded the jagged mountain range that is now Gros Morne National Park. A visual extravagance that can't be beaten, this world heritage site offers 1,805 square kilometres in which you could pitch your tent.  The towering Long Range mountains are a sight you have to see to believe.

While visiting, fit travellers can try the Hike to the Top of the Bottom of the Earth, which takes climbers to peak of the Tablelands. From there, explore the remains of an ancient ocean floor, pushed up by millennia of volcanic activity. 

This striking park is open year-round, but mid to late summer is the best time for those wanting to get around by kayaking and hiking.

Jasper National Park, Alberta

The largest park in the Canadian Rockies, Jasper National Park is internationally renowned as a prime location for hiking, skiing and viewing the bountiful wildlife. Feel amazed at the might of the fearsome grizzly bears, moose, caribou and wolves.

Explore isolated hiking trails, visit awe-inspiring glaciers, take a dip in turquoise mountain lakes and feel like you are the only person on earth.

For those new to outdoor getaways, guided tours and the designated camping areas are a must, but don't assume this means you'll get any less of a wild experience in Jasper National Park.

Whistler, British Columbia

No matter what time of the year you visit, Whistler has something fun for you to do or see. Located in the stunning Coast Mountains of British Columbia just outside of Vancouver, Whistler is a great place to partake in thrilling winter sports or take a hike in the warmth of summer.

With camping options to suit any lifestyle and budget, the spectacular Whistler park is an ideal option for all visiting outdoors enthusiasts. 

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