Best Walks in Melbourne

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Melbourne has been named the world’s most liveable city for the past six years. You could chalk this up to the great coffee, the thriving arts scene, the beautiful surrounds, or a combination of all these and more. Whatever the case, it’s a city well worth exploring—and what better way to explore a place than by foot? Check out some of our favourite walking tracks in Melbourne below.

Sherbrooke Falls Trail

Start things off nice and easy with a scenic stroll through Dandenong Ranges National Park. Located about 45km east of the CBD, the Sherbrooke Falls Trail will take you past native animals and lush flora on your way to picturesque Sherbrooke Falls. Because this path is fairly short (one hour return) and largely shaded by tall Mountain Ash and Sassafras trees, it makes for a great walk at any time of year. Soak up the fresh forest air and try to spot a lyrebird or two.

Sherbrooke Falls Trail, Victoria
Sherbrooke Falls Trail, Victoria. Image Credit: Rexness.

Capital City Trail

Long-time resident or fresh-faced visitor, it doesn’t really matter; the Capital City Trail has something for everyone. This 29km trail meanders along the Yarra River and will take you past some of Melbourne’s most famous landmarks, including the MCG, Melbourne Park, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Exhibition Centre and the Arts Centre. Delightfully flat and smooth, the Capital City Trail is popular among walkers, joggers and cyclists of all abilities.

Capital City Trail, Melbourne
Capital City Trail, Melbourne. Image Credit: Justin Otto.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Located right in the heart of the city, Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens are a breath of fresh air. Go on a self-guided tour of the garden’s manicured lawns and pathways, all while keeping the city skyline in your sights. With 12,000 different plant species sprawled over 89 acres, this is one of those places where you can find students, inner-city workers and handfuls of tourists at any given time.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne. Image Credit: Moritz Marquardt.

National Rhododendron Gardens

If you enjoyed the Royal Botanic Gardens, you should also check out their lesser known (but equally charming) cousin, the National Rhododendron Gardens. Just east of Olinda, this is where you can find approximately 300,000 stunning rhododendrons, daffodils, azaleas, magnolias, camellias, and many more captivating flower species. With rock gardens, fern gullies, and a dizzying array of flowers spread across 104 acres, the National Rhododendron Gardens are certainly worth a wander.

National Rhododendron Gardens, Victoria
National Rhododendron Gardens, Victoria. Image Credit: Rexness.

Bayside Coastal Art Trail

Next, head to the coast for a scenic walk like no other. Stretching 17km from Brighton to Beaumaris, the Bayside Coastal Art Trail is ideal for people who don’t particularly enjoy walking. You won’t even notice your heart rate climbing as you soak up uninterrupted views of the ocean, dramatic red cliffs, rocky coves and the sandy beaches below. There are several great lookouts and cafés along the way, as well as more than 50 printed artworks. Spend an afternoon walking the Coastal Art Trail and you’ll soon see why this landscape has inspired so many artists over the years.

Sandringham Beach, Bayside Coastal Art Trail, Victoria
Sandringham Beach, Bayside Coastal Art Trail, Victoria. Image Credit: Rubixcom.

Werribee Gorge

Just 40 minutes west of the CBD, Werribee Gorge State Park is full of beautiful walking trails. You can choose between the leisurely Falcons Lookout walk (3km), the moderate River Walk (3km), or the moderately difficult Centenary (4km) and Circuit (9km) walks. This last walk involves some steep climbs, rock scrambling and use of cables, so it’s only recommended for fit and confident hikers. After the walk, you can either try some rock-climbing or reward yourself with a dip in the river.

Werribee Gorge, Victoria
Werribee Gorge, Victoria. Image Credit: Steve Collis.

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Feature Image Credit: Jorge Láscar.

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