A beginners’ guide to Phuket

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Stunning, exotic, relaxing, fun: Phuket’s many virtues make the Thai island an extremely popular tourist destination.

However, if you’re not too familiar with what to see and do in the area – or haven’t even heard of Phuket before – fear not! Here’s a beginners’ guide to the tropical getaway.

Adventuring in Phuket

Phuket is an island off the coast of Thailand. It has blue lagoons, copious mountains framing the landscape, vibrant markets and tiny little islands to dot the sea. Phuket is also the name of a province that includes an area of the mainland.

Phuket the island is very large, so even if you’re not venturing throughout the rest of the province, it’s important to be aware of where the sites and activities you want to visit are located. Otherwise, you may have difficulty sticking to your itinerary.

Feel free to explore outward to get away from the big touristy areas and into some of the remarkable entertainment, adventure and scenic experiences in the surrounding space. For instance, you can book island tours that will take you to Krabi Island, Phi Phi Island and others.

Planning a stay in Phuket? Make sure you visit plenty of the island's spectacular beaches.Relax on a dazzling beach with mountain backdrops in Phuket.

Sightseeing: What to do during your Thai adventure

What attractions should you specifically seek out while you’re in Phuket? Naturally, you’ll want to spend some time on a beach (or two). Surin, Layan, Natai, Nai Harn and Freedom beaches are well-respected, and some of them (such as Nai Harn) are great for activities like snorkelling and diving as well – just make sure you do a little research to choose the right beach for your travel group.

For remarkable scenery, you can’t go past some of the bays on Phuket. Phang Nga Bay is one of the best, with impressive limestone cliff and intense green water that form iconic images of the region.

Movie buffs may enjoy touring some of the shooting locations of their favourite films. While you’re in Phang Nga Bay, you can take the popular James Bond Island boat tour, which will give you a scenic trip to the island that was featured in The Man with the Golden Gun. Some companies also coordinate canoe trips, which are a great option if you’re looking to be more hands-on and get some exercise.

For a different film experience, Phi Phi Island provided the famous scenery for The Beach, and you can visit the set located on Maya Bay, a gorgeous beach cove. Just be prepared for plenty of other tourists trying to experience the blockbuster backdrop.

Maya Bay hosts the remarkable turquoise waters and lush landscape the was featured in The Beach.Maya Bay hosts the remarkable turquoise waters and lush landscape the was featured in The Beach.

Soak in the Thai religion and culture, too, especially if this is your only stop in the country. You can find multiple wats (temples) on the island, such as the colourful Wat Chalong in Phuket Town. Seeing the Big Buddah statue (also in Phuket Town) is sure to be an experience you won’t forget.

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