5 Reasons to Visit Broome

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When it comes to great locations for a domestic holiday, Broome is one place that is hard to beat. Head to this part of Western Australia to uncover an amazing array of things to see and do, from its Outback experiences and Indigenous culture, to its postcard-perfect beaches and tropical resorts. The following are just five great reasons why Broome should be the destination for your next break.

Astounding nature

If you’re something of a wildlife enthusiast, you won’t be short of opportunities to connect with nature while in Broome. At the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park, you’ll see some of the largest crocodiles on display anywhere in the country. Time your visit to coincide with the crocodile feeding tour, which happens every day at 3pm.  Other furry, feathery and scaly residents of the Park include kangaroos, emus and lizards.

Visit the Broome Bird Observatory and embark on guided tours of the Roebuck Bay region. Here, you’ll be led through coastal stretches, bush areas, wetlands and plains by expert ornithologists who will show you an array of bird species living in their natural habitat.

Fascinating pearls

Another aspect of Broome that appeals to many travellers is the town’s pearling history. Broome is famous for being the home of the South Sea Pearl, which is regarded as the finest variety of pearls in the world, and there’s ample opportunity to learn more about Broome’s links with the pearling industry during your time here.

One such spot is the Pearl Luggers centre. Situated in the Chinatown district, this intriguing attraction is home to two carefully restored luggers (the type of boat used to farm pearls) and contains a range of memorabilia once owned by the past pearl divers. A number of particularly valuable pearls are also on display, including ones that have been made into pieces of fine jewellery.

Fantastic fishing

Broome has a fantastic line-up of things to do for keen fishers and water babies. A number of local operators offer chartered fishing trips into nearby crystal-clear waters, and anglers will love the chance to nab a bite. Alternatively, you could embark on a kayak fishing trip where you’ll paddle through the waters off Cable Beach before casting a line.

Spanish mackerel, barramundi and billfish are just some of the types of fish that can be caught in Broome, so you’ve got a great chance of reeling in a big catch!

Horizontal Falls

One must-see for all those who visit Broom is Horizontal Falls. Located in Talbot Bay, this landmark is unlike any other waterfall in the world: its waters cascade horizontally rather than falling vertically.

The Falls are formed by intense tidal currents that pass through two narrow coastal gorges, and one of the best ways you can observe this majestic wonder is by booking one of the chartered plane tours that fly overhead. To really experience the falls in all their glory however, it’s worth taking a ride on a high-powered boat that will guide you directly through the landmark and into the surrounding creeks and bays.

With David Attenborough describing the Horizontal Falls as “one of the greatest natural wonders of the world”, this is one attraction you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Camel rides

Last but certainly not least, Broome is a fantastic place to ride on camels. A number of companies in the town operate camel tours that have you clambering up into the saddle for a leisurely meander along the beautiful Cable Beach.

For a truly memorable experience, book a camel tour that takes place just as the sun is setting. The sight of a train of camels plodding along the sand at sunset is one of the most enduring images of Broome – and this is your chance to experience if for yourself!

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