4 top places to experience autumn

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Although you may not want to admit it yet, the end of summer is just around the corner. To cheer yourself up and celebrate the coming of the cooler months, here are four top destinations where you can see the beauty of autumn in all its glory, either now or up north in September. 

Beijing, China

After the first frost of the fall months, Beijing offers one of the world's most stunning autumn experiences. Fragrant Hill is the place to be in mid to late-October, with the thousands of smoke and maple trees shrouding the city in rich red, orange and purple foliage. 

In the middle of the month, the locals hold the Fragrant Hill Leaves Festival, where families and visitors are welcome to enjoy the breathtaking change of season.

Aspen, Colorado

While Aspen is well known for its winter retreats, the fall season is the unsung hero of Colorado. Named for the trees that line each street, mountain and view across the township, Aspen turns into a golden paradise in September.

With the leaves turning a rich yellow that shimmers in the evening sun, the golden tones provide a stunning contrast to the evergreen mountain ranges and hills around the forests. While Aspen becomes a hive of activity once the snow begins to fall, those seeking a quieter holiday would do well to touch down in autumn instead.

Gloucestershire, England

For an autumn experience lifted straight from Robin Hood, head out to the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. Used as the location for many beloved films and television shows, including the ever-popular Doctor Who, this stunning forest offers many sun-dappled trails and camping experiences.

From luxury cabins to sleeping under the stars, the Forest of Dean is a great place to enjoy the English autumn. More adventurous travellers can even enjoy the fall colours from a mountain bike, zip-line or kayak!

Dandenong Ranges, Australia

While the above entries are great places to welcome in fall in the northern hemisphere, the south is not completely void of stunning autumn vistas. In fact, those in the state of Victoria needn't travel far from home to enjoy the best Australia has to offer during the cooler months.

The Dandenong Ranges National Park is a desirable destination all through the year, but comes into its own in March through May. The forested park is awash with golden colours during this time of year, with many different gardens and trails to enjoy.

No matter your fitness level or holiday duration, the Dandenong Ranges has an outing or activity to suit your autumn adventure. Even those staying in nearby Melbourne can travel to this top destination and back within a day.

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