When and where are you most likely to travel?

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Where do you want to travel to before your next birthday? You might be surprised to find the most desired destinations and favourite places to visit don't vary all that much from age to age. 

According to Webjet, jetsetters across the board named Europe as their favourite part of the world to visit, or as a destination they would like to tick off their bucket list! The exception to these travellers, were those aged between 45-54, who named Australia as their favourite part of the world to visit. Those over 25 have fallen in love with South East Asia, naming it one of their most loved places to travel to in the world.

So what makes these destinations so popular? Here's a closer look at three of the top preferences:


Europe was the top pick for 25-33 year olds as well as those 45-65 and over 66. The 18-24 year olds and 25-33 year olds love Europe too, listing it as their second preference.

One great thing about this destination is the space. Many of the 47 countries are close together, separated only by borders . That means you can drive or hop on a plane and be in another region with a completely distinctive culture and identity in a matter of hours. Trains can also take you from one place to the next quickly and affordably – for example, you can travel from Paris to London on the Eurostar in less than 2.5 hours, in the famous tunnel under the English Channel.

London is known for being busy, vibrant and multi-cultural, with ancient buildings housing the latest modern and chic hotels. The capital city is a great base to begin your exploration of the rest of the continent. One popular destinations last year was Porto in Portugal. This place is saturated with history, streets lined with bell towers and churches and regal buildings from Medieval times, and is also home to top rock and jazz musicians that can be enjoyed with a glass of delicious riverside wine. 


Domestic travel remains popular amongst all age groups, which doesn't surprise us. With frequent sunshine and extreme landscapes, lush rainforests and dusty orange deserts, there is so much to explore in Australia!

Some locations, such as Sydney, offer an abundance of opportunities for holiday makers. In this city you can visit the famous Opera House, go shopping in the beautifully restored Queen Victoria Building and head to the Strand Arcade to pick up a piece from a talented local designer. The nightlife of this city is renowned for being vivid and energetic with music and laughter spilling out of bars such as The Lobo Plantation, which takes visitors back to the classy 50s and fulfils all of their fruity cocktail dreams.

The beaches throughout are some of the best in the world, with surfer culture thriving. Many spots have been listed as World Heritage Sites, including Fraser Island, just off the small town of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. Diving in the waters here and throughout is a popular activity. The Great Barrier Reef is just off Cairns and is home to bountiful marine life.

South East Asia

Squeezed in between the Indian and Pacific Ocean is Southeast Asia. This area was in the top three preferences for over 66 year olds and said to be a favourite spot in the world for all ages. It's a hot spot particularly for those travelling on a shoe-string, with food and shelter available at very affordable rates. Along with cheap prices, this area consistently surprises travellers with it's unyielding tropical climate, stunning beaches, sprawling and raw cities and diverse and potent culture – of the 6,000 languages spoken in the world, 1,000 are spoken here.

The food of Penang, Malaysia, has a blend of influences, including Indian, Chinese and Malay. The flavour and spice of the curries, laksas and soups found at street side stalls and in restaurants is an attraction in and of itself. At places such as Koh Rok, an island off Thailand, you can spend your days snorkelling and hiking, and the balmy nights in a hammock.

It's safe to say that each of these destination are diverse and varied, each of them offering truly fantastic opportunities for exploration and adventure.

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