What do Aussie travellers value most in a holiday?

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Australian's are a curious lot. Curious about other countries, other cultures, new experiences and new places. Every year, more than 8 million of us pack up our bags and head overseas, according to government resource Smart Traveller. 

So what is it we're all looking for? Take a look at some of our recent stats to see where you fit in. 

Top 4 reasons to travel

Almost half of all Aussies (44.54 per cent) head overseas simply to rest and relax. A third of us are out purely to experience new cultures, while 14.92 per cent head away to visit our family and friends scattered around the world. 

And when the pull of international events such as Coachella, Winterfest, Running with the Bulls and Glastonbury call – Australians answer, with 7.35 per cent of travellers booking their flights out of the country to attend massive events around the world. 

Who do Australians travel with?

Taking someone along with you on a trip can often make or break your experience – will it be bickering over breakfast options or finishing each other's sentences and looking out for each other? 

A quarter of Australians travel with their family when they head abroad, and half go with their partner or spouse. Just 14.71 per cent travel with their friends and about one in 10 (11.94 per cent) fly solo. 

Where do Australians stay while on holiday?

From hostel to 5-star hotel, there is an array of holiday accommodation options for the weary traveller. Just as many Aussies opt for luxurious hotels as they do resorts, both at just over 17 per cent each. 

Almost a quarter (24.2 per cent) stay in serviced apartments and 30.19 per cent hang up their toilet bags in economy hotels. 

What to Australians do while on holiday?

A couple of decades ago, you had to wait for someone to return from their trip to hear all about it. These days, this is the kind of breakdown of images you can expect to see on your social media pages: 

Over half of Australians on holiday (56.67 per cent) say their favourite activity is shopping up a storm. A further 60.67 per cent head to monuments, historical sites and museums, while just over half will spend their time sunbathing or relaxing by the pool. Just over a third (35.11 per cent) say their favourite thing to do is attend events.

Where do Australians go on holiday?

While we have our favourite spots, there's a reason you'll run into Australians just about anywhere you go – we simply travel to all four corners of the earth and then some. 

One in five Australians will have a holiday at home, travelling domestically instead of heading overseas. Almost as many Aussies visit South-East Asia (15.91 per cent) as they do the Americas (16.77 per cent), while a whopping 37.85 per cent will make the trek to Europe.

And of the travellers, 30.97 per cent favour a city-based holiday over anything else, while 35.48 per cent flag the beach as their favourite spot. 

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