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Webjet Partners with Routehappy

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Searching for a flight that offers you the best value for money? We know that value for money means more than just the price you pay for your seat, so we’ve launched Routehappy, a third party feature that allows you to compare everything from inflight entertainment and Wi-Fi access through to aircraft type.

The Routehappy data displayed to you as you search for flights is based on factors such as the type of aircraft, class of service, airport, route and fare you choose, meaning that you only see information that is relevant to you. With the data provided, you can then make more informed decisions about the flights you buy. 

“For almost twenty years, Webjet has been at the forefront of innovation with our online travel tools, focused on the goal of making flight shopping easier, more transparent and more informative for our customers. Routehappy’s one of a kind solution will provide a better customer experience through clear, compelling content that highlights airlines key differentiators and amenities people care about. We’re excited for our customers to see it in action,” said John Guscic, Managing Director at Webjet.

At present, Webjet provides Scores and Amenities data for all international flight searches, with Routehappy Hub integration set to be introduced at a later date.

How does Routehappy help me?

While most flight searches provide you with basic information about flight times and price, Routehappy gives you access to extra details that you can use to help you find a service to match your needs.

The feature provides two different forms of information, Scores and Amenities, which make it easier to make a decision when purchasing your flights.


Scores is an unbiased flight rating system that allocates each flight journey a number between 1 and 10, with 10 indicating the best performance and 1 the worst. This number, known as the Overall Score, is calculated by an algorithm that considers several factors, including the length of the flight, the total time spent in transit, each leg of the journey, the comfort of the aircraft and the amenities included. If a journey includes multiple legs, each leg is scored independently with the Score by Leg feature. In conjunction with the Score by Leg feature, the Overall Score makes it easy to compare a flight or multiple leg journey to others available, especially at times when prices and flight duration happen to be quite similar.

Routehappy overall score


Offering information in relation to 7 key features, including seating, the aircraft set to service the flight, the aircraft layout, Wi-Fi access, inflight entertainment, power port access and the availability of fresh food, Routehappy’s Amenities feature is another great way to compare flights from a variety of carriers. Focused on inflight comfort and popular inclusions, Amenities helps you easily see what you can expect from each price point and carrier.

The Amenities showcased include:

Aircraft – offers simple data in relation to the type of aircraft scheduled, the size of windows, pressurisation and other features that may be of interest.

Routehappy aircraft amenity

Layout – displays how the seating will be arranged within the aircraft and provides a general indicator of how much space you’ll have, from standard legroom through to more spacious configurations.

Routehappy layout amenity

Entertainment – covers the types of content on offer, how the content can be retrieved and if it is free to use or accessible at a cost.

Routehappy entertainment amenityFresh Food – helps you to know the availability of fresh food and if it is an inclusion or an added extra.

Routehappy fresh food


Power – shows the availability of USB ports, power points and adaptor-required ports.

Routehappy power amenity

Seat – provides information about the seats on each flight, including pitch and width.

Routehappy seat amenity


Wi-Fi – indicates the probability of Wi-Fi being available, the quality and coverage to be expected and whether it is free or accessible for a fee.

Routehappy wifi amenity


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