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7 Reasons to Mix & Match Your Flights

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1. It Is Budget-Friendly

Mix & Match gives you the ultimate flexibility to create an airfare that best suits your budget. Combine one-way sale fares from any airline – be it a full-service airline or low-cost carrier – to build your perfect return flight. Mix & Match means you aren’t locked into a fixed price return airfare that just doesn’t work with what you want to spend on your upcoming travels. You might choose to fly to your destination with a low-cost carrier, and then treat yourself by booking a great-value flight with a full-service airline for the return journey home. Sign up to Webjet’s newsletter to never miss out on hearing about sale fares from your favourite airlines!

2. It Works To Your Schedule

No matter if you want to avoid peak hour at the airport, don’t want to leave the house at the crack of dawn, or have requested a late check out from your hotel; using Mix & Match is the best way to find those flights that fit into your schedule. You can choose from the flights that take off at your preferred time – whether that means a flight during the day or an overnight trip where you can sleep straight through – and which land to conveniently coincide with check in at your holiday accommodation or the welcome meeting for your tour. Likewise, book a returning flight that lines up with your check out time (so you don’t have to spend hours in limbo at the airport) or that gives you a few extra hours in your destination for last-minute sightseeing. 

3. It Gives You Flexible Baggage

Planning on travelling to a destination where you know you’ll be indulging in plenty of retail therapy? Or perhaps you’re headed somewhere sunny for a beach getaway and the only things you’re packing – swimsuits, flip flops and SPF – fit tidily into a carry-on case? Pick flights with no baggage or add even more checked baggage to one or both of your flights with Mix & Match. Choose to fly out on an airfare that includes only cabin luggage, but then return home on a flight that gives you a healthy baggage allowance to accommodate all of those souvenirs, knick-knacks and duty-free purchases you’ll pick up on your travels. Or those travelling to visit family and friends and are flying with care packages and gifts can depart on flights with additional luggage and return on an airfare that offers only minimal weight allowance. The choice is yours!

4. It Gives You Stopover Control

Stopovers can be an unavoidable necessity of flying, especially when you’re jetting off to long-haul or off-the-beaten-track destinations. And there is nothing like realising that the return airfare you’re considering booking includes one stopover (or more) that may actually be longer than the flight itself. Find the one-way flights with stopovers that suit you with Mix & Match. Choose from a shorter stopover to avoid milling around airport waiting areas, or give yourself enough time to transit between terminals (especially important at the world’s largest airports!) or enjoy the facilities of an airline lounge. This flexibility of Mix & Match doesn’t just cover stopover length though; it also extends to stopover location. Transit through different cities or airports, and even go so far as to use a particular lengthy stopover to have a whirlwind few hours exploring a new destination!

5. It Helps When Plans Change

Even the best-laid plans can change, and knowing you’ve booked flights on an airline with a flexible or amenable cancellation policy can do wonders for peace of mind. Cancellation policies can vary greatly not just between airlines, but also the kind of airfare you book. So if you know you might need to change the time or date of one of your flights, use Mix & Match to choose an airline that accommodates last-minute flight changes or includes booking alterations in their fare types. This flexibility may come at a higher price, but means avoided hidden charges and extra costs should you need to make any changes to your booking. You may also be able to make up the cost difference by booking a cheaper airfare, albeit with a stricter cancellation policy, for your other flight legs.

6. It Gives Your Points A Boost

Everyone loves earning loyalty program points, especially if it puts you on the fast-track to perks such as lounge access, priority boarding and extra baggage allowance. Travellers can still accrue points for airline memberships or loyalty programs when booking Mix & Match. You can even specifically select those flights you know will maximise your earned points, through special deals and offers. Those belonging to airline loyalty programs can use their memberships to access seat selection (if available) on Mix & Match one-way flights too, just as you would with a fixed return airfare.

7. It Means Avoiding Last-Minute Price Changes

Mix & Match locks in the price of your flights thanks to Webjet’s 30 Minute Booking Price Guarantee. Complete your booking within the 30-minute window to pay only the price you have selected. Even if that fare sells out during the 30 minutes and a more expensive seat is booked as a result, the difference in cost is covered by Webjet, up to $1000. Webjet’s 30 Minute Booking Price Guarantee also extends to the price of any hotel, car rental or travel insurance booking at the same time as your Mix & Match flights.

Ready to try Mix & Match for your next domestic or international trip? Use Webjet to Mix & Match airline flights, cheap tickets, and more.

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