‘Gen Y’ Australians are a generation of travellers

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The verdict is in – us Australians are a bunch of globe-trotting folk. According to research from Roy Morgan, travelling overseas is becoming a more popular pastime for Australians with up to 23 per cent of us taking a break somewhere across the ocean at least once in 2013 (cue jealousy!).

If you’re about to head overseas or you’ve met an Aussie travelling in your home country, it’s likely you or they belong to ‘Generation Y’. To those born between the years of 1976-1990, that’s you!

According to Roy Morgan’s findings, 27 per cent of Australians from ‘Gen Y’ have explored another corner of the globe in the last 12 months. From backpacking around Asia to laying in luxury on the sands of an island paradise like Vanuatu, it’s clear that a certain group of Australians are treating themselves to a holiday of the exotic kind.

The general consensus is that Gen Y are a confident bunch who put a lot of emphasis on fun and ‘work to live’, so to speak. According to a study conducted by students at the University of Guelph in Canada, Gen Y are willing to work hard to gain rewards – perhaps a testament to their tendency and ability to travel overseas.

In comparison, other age groups are not quite as likely to traverse the globe as travel-hungry Gen Y – but they’re not far behind. Roy Morgan found that the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation, born between 1946-1960 are right on Gen Y’s tail. Just 26 per cent of the baby boomer population of Australia have travelled overseas in the past 12 months, proving they too are keen on a little (or a lot!) of international exploring.

It seems that the travel bug affects more than just overseas travel. Flying within Australia is also incredibly popular with Australians. However, Baby Boomers and Generation X (1961-1975) take the lead here, with 63 per cent of these groups indulging in domestic travel in the past 12 months. Generation Y sat on a total of 60 per cent taking a trip within Australia in 2013 – not too far behind!

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