Airline safety videos you want to watch

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In an effort to spice up pre-flight safety videos, some airlines have been turning these serious safety warnings into quirky and comical mini-films.

With such a light-hearted, yet creative, approach to airline safety guidelines, these airline safety videos aren’t just a necessary part of flying.

Here are some airline safety videos you’ll actually want to watch:

Air New Zealand – An Unexpected Briefing

This New Zealand airline added a little touch of national flavour to their safety briefing with this hilarious and innovative piece. The film, launched in 2012, is based upon Air New Zealand’s “Airline of Middle-Earth” slogan, and takes inspiration from Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” film. The briefing is delivered by Air NZ crew dressed in various Middle-Earth themed costumes, and features appearances from Peter Jackson himself, and even Gollum!

Virgin America – VX Safety Dance

In true American style, this airline truly made a song and dance out of their safety instructions. The video is conducted through a gleeful and cheeky performance, including risque lyrics such as “Keep your (whoo) in that chair!”. Every moment is perfectly choreographed, and the video features reality stars from “So You Think You Can Dance” and “American Idol”. Among its creative and hilarious features are a robotic dance in airline life jackets. The video has proved incredibly popular, and has received nearly 9 million views over four months.

Air New Zealand – Safety Old School Style

Air New Zealand appears to have a penchant for comedic and creative airline videos, with their latest collaboration featuring American actress Betty White and a number of other seniors in starring roles. The video is set in a retirement village, and uses a tongue-in-cheek angle to deliver the all-important safety precautions. Betty pokes fun at the older generation with a number of witty comments, including “If your eyesight’s not what it used to be, or you’ve forgotten where you are, your flight crew are now pointing out where your nearest exit is”. It’s the ultimate combination of comedy and safety.

Delta – Holiday safety video

The Delta airline released an innovative new video last year to coincide with the holiday season, and cast its characters to fit the Christmas theme. Passengers on the video include Santa and an elf as his helper, two snowmen, and even a gingerbread man. This special edition film only ran until the end of 2013, so those wishing to view it will have to take a look on the web – it’s posted to many online platforms.

These airlines’ fresh and innovative approach to in-flight safety mean passengers learn about airplane safety in a way that sticks – not to mention providing plenty of entertainment along the way!

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