Never-ending summer: Where to go when winter approaches

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Winter is coming. And, unfortunately for those of us who prefer a sandy beach to ski slopes, this is an inevitable part of the passing of time. If you’re not ready for the chilly winds of winter, here are three warm and welcoming destinations to keep summer going all year round:

The Maldives

Follow the sun to the Maldives.Follow the sun to the Maldives.

While the rest of us have to suffer through a change in temperatures each year, the Maldives are a summer-only location. When you are forced from the beach by a wild Australian winter, it may be time to pack your bags for the sunny and warm islands of the Maldives.

Travel smart, though, as there are wet and dry seasons, and the worst of the rain does tend to land in April through to June – just as Australia’s weather turns chilly. However, the clouds are never around for long, so if you’re willing to pack a brolly? for two or three days’ rain, you will be rewarded with hot, sunny days aplenty.

Daytime temperatures stick to around 25 degrees Celsius all year and, with stunning white-sand beaches gracing each resort and community in this tiny island nation, there is no better place to pretend winter doesn’t exist.

Bangkok, Thailand

Escape winter in balmy Bangkok.Escape winter in balmy Bangkok.

If you prefer a bustling city to a tranquil beach, Bangkok could be the ideal hot-weather destination. Average temperatures here rarely drop below a balmy 29 degrees, and the city is a hive of good food, friendly locals and fun events.

Be prepared for the humidity, though, and plan to book a Bangkok hotel with a good air conditioning system. April and May tie for the hottest months here, so it’s the perfect destination for those in denial about Australia’s cooler weather over the coming seasons.

Canary Islands, Spain

Enjoy the sun on the Canary Islands.Enjoy the beach on the Canary Islands.

Spain is an ultimate sunshine destination, with Madrid, Barcelona and the long sandy beaches of Costa de la Luz offering visitors a luxury holiday filled with fun, culture, yummy cuisine and proximity to many other exciting destinations.

For mild weather all year round, the Canary Islands are your best bet. Tenerife in particular is a great choice for English-speaking travellers, and temperatures will easily get up to 30 during the peak of summer – which is in the heart of Australia’s winter. 

But it’s not all beaches and cocktails on the Canary Islands. Take a trip to Tenerife to explore the hot and humid tropical rainforest or climb Spain’s tallest mountain, Pico del Teide.

If you’re not quite ready to let go of summer, travelling to these three sun-soaked destinations is a great way to avoid the chill. With autumn now upon us and winter just around the corner, now is the best time to get packing.

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