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The Sherlock Holmes tour of London

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If you're a loyal and devoted fan of super-sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his crime fighting ways, there's no better international destination to visit than London.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most well-loved detective solved many of his crimes here and lived within the city, so you'll be able to visit plenty of the places that Sherlock himself walked in the stories and films.

So what are you waiting for? Make like a detective and grab your magnifying glass, pop on your coat and consult your map of London to make your way to one of these iconic locations!

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

First stop on your investigation could be the famous museum dedicated entirely to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most well-loved character. How to find it? Head straight home! The museum is located at 221b Baker Street, the official residence of Sherlock and Doctor John H Watson between 1881 and 1904. This historic building is protected by the government due to its historical and architectural significance, and the study on the 1st Floor is maintained as it was in Victorian times.

Here, you can bask in the fact that you're really in Sherlock's own quarters, and view artefacts such as an old wicker chair used in Sidney Paget's portrait of the detective.

The Sherlock Holmes Public House and Restaurant

This quaint location is dedicated to Sherlock and his adventures, and visitors will most love the replica of Holmes' and Watson's study and sitting room. Dine while you view the room from behind a glass panel, and imagine yourself embarking on your own mission as Sherlock's sidekick.

Along with the sitting room replica, the pub also houses a plethora of artefacts and exhibition items such as the stuffed head of the Hound of the Baskervilles and the old service revolver belonging to Dr Watson, which were provided with the help of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's own family. There are also film stills featuring the actors who have played the famous detective over the years.

A selection of original items isn't this London location's only draw card – it was also a base for some of Sherlock's adventures. In "The Noble Batchelors", Sherlock caught Francis Hay Moulton here, and Charing Cross Station are also nearby. When you visit, the entrance to the Turkish baths where the two explorers used to bathe is still visible near the bank in Craven Passage.

Speedy's Cafe

If you're feeling a little peckish after all your detective work uncovering Sherlock's favourite London locations, why not head down to Speedy's Cafe for a bite to eat? This cafe is where part of the BBC television series of Sherlock's adventures were filmed, and has been a favourite location for fans ever since. The cafe has even dedicated food to the great detective and his sidekick Watson, with fans encouraged to contribute ideas for ingredients and recipes they felt represented the two stars' personalities best.

Pop in to find yourself amidst an authentic Sherlock filming location, before refuelling on an item from a menu inspired by the stories and their characters.

St Bartholomew's Hospital

If you want to travel all the way back to where the stories first began, head down to St Bart's Hospital. This historic structure is not only the longest-standing hospital in England, having survived the Great Fire of London and the Blitz in World War II, it's also the site of the first meeting of Sherlock and John Watson in the original stories and BBC series.

Both the interior and exterior of the building were used in filming, including within a chemical research lab and on the rooftop. Unfortunately, the roof is inaccessible to the public, but visitors can still strike a pose outside and grab a photo in front of the hospital!

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