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Sightseeing in Frankfurt, Germany

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While filling your overseas holiday with activities is a must-do, you should always reserve a little time to make like a true tourist and do some sightseeing with camera in hand.

Frankfurt, known for being the largest financial centre in Europe, is also a fantastic place to see some spectacular sights. Here are some of the best places to visit when you fly to this German town:

Palm Garden

You wouldn't expect a lush floral paradise in the heart of the city, but a visit to the Palm Garden, or 'Palmengarten' will prove you wrong. Every traveller will enjoy a trip to these botanical gardens founded in 1868, featuring gorgeous exotic plants from international locations.

Admire the giant palms and bananas growing within the well-known Palm House, or explore the galleries that flank the east and west side, filled with floral delights such as camellias, roses, and orchids. Visitors can learn about the plants in a variety of informational exhibitions.

Other attractions include the romantic rose gardens, a calm pond complete with waterfall and grotto, seasonal exhibitions and the 'Tropicarium', where lilies and other plants grow inside the greenhouse.


This iconic building is a must-see on any traveller's itinerary, both for its rich history and impressive appearance. Hailing from medieval times, the town hall has born witness to plenty of historic moments, and even suffered damage during World War II. The landmark underwent construction in 1945 and was reopened to the public in 1955 by Theodor Heuss, where it remains a popular attraction for visitors today.

According to the official Frankfurt tourism website, the town hall has been the seat of the city government for over 600 years, and is where the city councillors meet today. Tourists may be excited at the prospect of heading up to the Romer balcony and waving to others in the square below, or admiring the interesting architecture.

The Main Tower

For the most breathtaking views of Frankfurt's cityscape and surrounds, visitors can't go past the Main Tower. Construction on this impressive building, with a facade made entirely of glass, was completed in 1999, and provided a new vantage point for locals and visitors to sightsee. The 'tower' comprises two buildings linked to each other, which stand an impressive 170 metres and 200 metres high.

This building is a must-see as it is the only tower in Frankfurt with an accessible viewing platform, complete with restaurant. Located on the 53rd floor, the restaurant is the perfect place to head to experience delicious German cuisine while appreciating views of the city provided by eight metre tall glass windows. There's also plenty of contemporary artworks located within the tower, many with architectural themes to fit the setting, including a wall mosaic named "Frankfurter Stairs" by Stephan Huber.

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