Your Top ‘Road Less Travelled’ Destinations

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We all know about the world’s top holiday destinations, but how about those that lay just off the beaten track? Analysing our booking data from the past year, we’ve found some interesting locations across the globe that have seen a total of 30 flight bookings or less. If you’re wanting to explore somewhere on the road less travelled, why not consider these ten unconventional destinations?

Antofagasta, Chile

Where is Antofagasta?

Antofagasta is located in northern Chile, around 1,100 km north of Santiago, the Chilean capital. The city is bordered on one side by the South Pacific Ocean and by the Atacama Desert, the world’s driest desert, on the other.

Top local attractions

  • Ruinas de Huanchaca – Visit this fascinating museum to learn more about the region’s connection to the mining industry, as well as its general history.
  • La Portada – Plan a visit to La Portada to soak up the sights of this fascinating natural archway and the stunning Chilean coastline.
  • Mano del Desierto – If you have an interest in art, marvel at the scale of this 11 metre tall hand sculpture found in the Atacama Desert.
La Portada, Antofagasta, Chile
La Portada, Antofagasta, Chile. Image Credit: Bachelot Pierre J-P / CC by SA 3.0.

Bismarck, United States

Where is Bismarck?

The capital of North Dakota, Bismarck is situated in the state’s south, alongside the Missouri River. Founded in 1872 and named in honour of the German chancellor of the time, Otto von Bismarck, the city has held the title of state capital continuously since 1889.

Top local attractions

  • North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum – Stop by the official history museum of the state of North Dakota to learn more about the state’s history from prehistoric times to the present day.
  • The Dakota Zoo – Encounter animals from across the Americas and the world at this zoo, which first opened in 1961.
  • Missouri River – Spend the summer months boating and paddling along the local section of the longest river in North America.
Bismarck, United States of America
Bismarck, United States of America. Image Credit: North Dakota / Public Domain Mark 1.0.

Dortmund, Germany

Where is Dortmund?

The eighth largest city in Germany, Dortmund is a city situated in the country’s west. Found in the Ruhr region, the city. Once one of the most important hubs of steel, coal and beer production in the country, Dortmund now a leading centre of high-tech manufacturing.

Top local attractions

  • German Football Museum – Learn more about the ‘world game’ with a visit to Germany’s dedicated football museum.
  • Dortmund Zoo – Spend the day exploring the grounds of this animal park which specialises in the breeding and keeping of South American animals.
  • DASA Working World Exhibition – Take some time out and wander through the country’s largest exhibition exploring the working world, its heritage and its future.
German Football Museum, Dortmund, Germany
German Football Museum, Dortmund, Germany. Image Credit: Deutsches Fußballmuseum.

Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands

Where is Charlotte Amalie?

Situated on the southern shore of the island of St Thomas, Charlotte Amalie is both the largest city in the United States Virgin Islands and its capital. Home to to a deep water harbour, the city borders one of the busiest cruise ship ports in the Caribbean.

Top local attractions

  • Charlotte Amalie Overlook – Enjoy fantastic views across Charlotte Amalie and the surrounding area from this scenic spot.
  • Coral World Ocean Park – Discover impressive displays of Caribbean marine life and other fascinating exhibits at this ocean park.
  • Blackbeard’s Castle – Explore the ‘Williamsburg of the Caribbean’, a site home to historic manor houses, the iconic Skytsborg Tower and great views of the harbour.
Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands
Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands. Image Credit: Prayitno / CC by 2.0.

Geraldton, Australia

Where is Geraldton?

Geraldton can be found on Australia’s west coast, around 400 km north of Perth, the state capital of Western Australia. The coastal city faces the Indian Ocean, is surrounded by beautiful beaches and is said to be the state’s premier wildflower location.

Top local attractions

  • Museum of Geraldton – Encounter the history of this Western Australian city through engaging permanent exhibitions and temporary displays.
  • HMAS Sydney II Memorial – Pay your respects to Australian sailors lost off the Western Australian coast at this beautifully designed monument.
  • Town Beach – Take a dip the ocean or spend some time simply lazing on the sands of this popular waterside spot.
HMAS Sydney II Memorial, Geraldton, Australia
HMAS Sydney II Memorial, Geraldton, Australia. Image Credit: Kristina D.C. Hoeppner / CC by SA 2.0.

Clermont-Ferrand, France

Where is Clermont-Ferrand?

Clermont-Ferrand is located in central France, around four hours south of Paris by road. Situated in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the city is surrounded by a large industrial area and a chain of 80 dormant volcanoes.

Top local attractions

  • Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral – Pay a visit to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption of Clermont-Ferrand, a Gothic cathedral built from black lava stone that took more than 600 years to complete.
  • L’Aventure Michelin – Discover the origins of the city’s rubber empire through a variety of interactive and retrospective exhibits.
  • Place de Jaude – Take a stroll through this lively town square lined with monuments, department stores and more.
Clermont_Ferrand, France
Clermont_Ferrand, France. Image Credit: Fabien1309 / CC by SA 2.0. FR.

Hermosillo, Mexico

Where is Hermosillo?

A city in northwest Mexico, Hermosillo is the capital of the state of Sonora. Said to be one of the most liveable cities in Mexico, the city is situated within the Sonoran Desert, which takes out the title of the hottest desert in the country.

Top local attractions

  • Ecological Center of Sonora – Spend the day exploring this nature park and learn more about the plants and animals native to the area.
  • Hermosillo Cathedral – Stop by this iconic building to enjoy a taste of local culture and the simple, yet spectacular, architecture.
  • Cerra de la Campana – Soak up panoramic views of Hermosillo from this rocky landform found close to the city centre.
Hermosillo Cathedral, Hermosillo, Mexico
Hermosillo Cathedral, Hermosillo, Mexico. Image Credit: GT Chichimeca / CC by SA 3.0.

New Plymouth, New Zealand

Where is New Plymouth?

Positioned on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island, New Plymouth overlooks the waters of the Tasman Sea and sits within close proximity of Mount Taranaki, allowing visitors to ski, set out on a mountain hike and surf all in the same day if they so wish.

Top local attractions

  • Puke Ariki – Acquaint yourself with the what makes this region so unique at this combined museum, library and information centre.
  • Pukekura Park – Take a stroll through one of New Zealand’s premier botanical gardens and admire some of the country’s unique native flora.
  • New Plymouth Coastal Walkway – Walk, run or cycle along this picturesque promenade that leads from the city to the sea.
Mount Taranaki, New Plymouth, New Zealand
Mount Taranaki, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Liverpool, England

Where is Liverpool?

Situated approximately 280 km northwest of London, Liverpool is an English city that borders the River Mersey and sits across the Irish Sea from both the Isle of Man and the Irish mainland. It is one of the major centres in North West England.

Top local attractions

  • Albert Dock – Enjoy a day by the water exploring this vibrant entertainment precinct housed within historic dock buildings and warehouses.
  • The Beatles Story – Wander through the world’s largest permanent exhibition dedicated to The Beatles to learn about the life and times of the ‘Fab Four’.
  • Walker Art Gallery – Feast your eyes on one of the largest art collections found in England outside London, and encounter paintings and sculptures dating from the 13th century to now.
The Beatles Story, Liverpool, England
The Beatles Story, Liverpool, England. Image Credit: Nick Amoscato / CC by 2.0.

Nosy Be, Madagascar

Where is Nosy Be?

Nosy Be is an island that sits just off Madagascar’s northwest coast. It is not only home to the country’s largest tourist resort, but also its busiest. Positioned within the Mozambique Channel, the island is around 8 km from the mainland.

Top local attractions

  • Lokobe Special Reserve – Visit the Lokobe Special Reserve to explore the last area of lowland rainforest on the island and potentially spot a black lemur in the wild.
  • Mont Passot – Make your way to the summit of Mont Passot on foot or by car to soak up a spectacular Madagascan sunset.
  • Lemuria Land – Come face to face with some of the island’s resident lemurs before enjoying a tour of the onsite perfume distillery.
Mont Passot, Nosy Be, Madagascar
Mont Passot, Nosy Be, Madagascar. Image Credit: Steve / CC by SA 2.0.

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