Amazing Travel Experiences You Can Have With Webjet Exclusives

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There is more to a holiday than packing a suitcase, jumping on a flight and exploring a new (or favourite) destination for a while. Sometimes, you want to see more than just the big ticket sights and landmarks. After all, one of the best parts about travelling are the experiences and encounters you may not be able to have back home. So, if you’re looking for a little something extra in your next overseas escape Webjet Exclusives have you well looked after. With an incredibly diverse selection of tours, the itineraries on these trips include adventures that will get you out off the traditional tourist trail. Here are just some of the amazing experiences you can have with Webjet Exclusives.

Travel on the Blue Train in South Africa

No South African adventure is complete without a journey on the famous Blue Train. Since 1946, this majestic train has been synonymous with luxury travel, with all on-board cabins including ensuites and the fanciest of fittings. This five-star “hotel on wheels” offers two routes, departing from Cape Town to either Pretoria or Hoedspruit. Whichever route you choose though, just be sure to pack your evening wear — it’s mandatory for the dining cart! Explore South Africa tours here.

Cross the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia

Few experiences in life compare to crossing the Arctic Circle. The landscape up there is rugged and wild, and populated predominantly by seals, whales and polar bears. It is possible to visit in either summer or winter, with many travellers surprised to find that the area is not always covered in snow. Regardless of the time of year you visit, the scenery will be just as breathtaking, and the experience truly one of a kind. Explore Scandinavia tours here.

Cruise the Kerala Backwaters in India

Webjet Exclusives Experiences India Kerala Backwaters
Kerala Backwaters. Credit: Brian Scott | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Don’t let the name put you off: the Kerala Backwaters is a beautiful palm tree-lined network of rivers, canals and lakes, at the heart of which lies the enormous Vembanad Lake. Cruising through this lush area offers travellers a different perspective on India, as the backwaters are typically used by locals for fishing, transport and farming. In just one day, you can experience much of this special part of the world, but overnight cruises are also available for those who want to linger a little longer. Explore India tours here.

Spend Five Days Cruising the Nile in Egypt

Sure, a day trip to the Nile is an exciting experience, but to really appreciate this incredible river that was the lifeblood of Ancient Egypt, you’ll need to hop on-board an overnight cruise — or, even better, a five-day cruise. Along this breathtaking journey, you might make stops to visit the Valley of the Kings (where the mummy of Tutankhamen is still located), Kom Ombo temple, the Nubian Bazaar and much more, with time sailing spent lounging around the boat taking in the magical scenery a highlight in itself. Explore Egypt tours here.

Take a Cooking Class in Vietnam

Ever wanted to learn how to make the perfect rice paper roll? One of the most authentic ways to experience Vietnam is to join a cooking class and try your hand at mastering the cuisine’s unique cooking techniques and tantalising flavours. Of course, no trip to Vietnam is complete without at least a few trips to its many famous food markets, but nothing will beat the feeling of whipping up a traditional dish for yourself under the tutelage of a local expert. Explore Vietnam tours here.

Skate on a Frozen Lake in Canada

Webjet Exclusives Experiences Ice Skating Canada
Lake Louise. Credit: Geoff Sowrey | CC BY-BC 2.0

During the summer, Lake Louise in Canada’s Rocky Mountains is known for its stunning turquoise waters surrounded by lush evergreen trees. Come winter time though, a deep blanket of snow descends upon the mountains, turning the trees white and transforming the town and its famous Fairmont Chateau into a magical winter wonderland. Best of all, the lake freezes over and becomes one of the world’s most scenic outdoor skating rink. Nothing beats that feeling of lacing up your skates and gliding out over the ice, with glaciers and snowy peaks creating a picture-perfect backdrop. Explore Canada tours here.

Learn to Tango in Argentina

You can’t visit Buenos Aires and not experience the magic of tango. The iconic dance of Argentina is exciting, rhythmic and absolutely enthralling, and you simply cannot leave the city without taking in a show. However, why not go a step further and take a lesson with a local? There are numerous tango classes scattered throughout the city, with many designed for complete beginners, so there’s no excuse for not lacing up your shoes, stepping onto the dance floor and experiencing the true culture of Buenos Aires for yourself. Explore South America tours here.

Go on a Wildlife Tour in Sri Lanka

Webjet Exclusives Experiences Wildlife Sri Lanka
Yala National Park. Credit: solar.empire | CC BY-NC 2.0

If it’s a safari you’re after, you can’t go wrong in Sri Lanka. This island nation may be small in size, but within its borders lie 16 national parks, all offering so much in the way of wildlife and lush jungle scenery. Wilpattu National Park, for example, is located in Sri Lanka’s northwest, and provides the opportunity to spy elephant, sloth bear, water buffalo and spotted deer, and maybe even the elusive leopard. Down in the southeast, you’ll find Yala National Park, Sri Lanka’s most famous and second-largest park, which is not only home to such animals as leopards, elephants and crocodiles, but also ancient Buddhist ruins, a monastery and fascinating cave art. Explore Sri Lanka tours here.

Eager to lock in one of the above experiences into your upcoming travel plans? Find even more incredible experiences with the range of tour holidays on Webjet Exclusives.

Hero image: Tromso, Norway. Credit: mariusz kluzniak | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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