Top Things to do in Zurich

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Thinking of visiting Zurich? Filled with history, culture and plenty of natural beauty, it’s a Swiss city that’s just waiting to be explored. Before you jet off, be sure to check out our picks of the top things to do in Zurich!

See some art at Kunsthaus Zurich

Housing one of the country’s most important collections of art, the Kunsthaus Zurich is an art museum that features incredible works dating from the Middle Ages through to the present day. Alongside a strong contingent of Swiss works, pieces from internationally renowned artists such as Munch, Picasso and Monet grace the museum’s walls, making for an intriguing mix of paintings, sculptures, photographs and video installations to discover. Scattered across its three levels, the museum’s permanent and temporary exhibitions are the only excuse you’ll need to while away the day in style and learn more about the artistic heritage of Switzerland and wider Europe.

Kunsthaus, Zurich, Switzerland
Kunsthaus, Zurich, Switzerland. Image Credit: Sailko / CC by SA 3.0.

Unwind by Lake Zurich

A popular destination during the summer months, Lake Zurich is a great place to head if you’re wanting to relax, unwind or discover another side of the Swiss city. Located to the south of central Zurich, the lake is an idyllic backdrop for a gourmet picnic, a quick swim or a spectacular sunset stroll. Watersports and boat charters are also popular pastimes, making it easy to head out on the water, tour the lake and admire the waterway’s beauty. Even during winter, Lake Zurich is still very much worth seeing, with its breathtaking views untarnished by a dusting of snow.

Lake Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Lake Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland.

Wander through the Old Town (Altstadt)

Found in the heart of the city, Zurich’s Old Town (Altstadt) is a part of the European centre where the past and present collide. Alongside narrow laneways and fascinating medieval structures, more than 200 pubs and clubs can be found, juxtaposing the Zurich of old and new. A great way to get to know more about the city’s long and intriguing history or to start the night off on the right foot, a stroll through the Old Town helps to make Zurich such a special part of the world. Spot ornate churches, visit great museums or find the perfect place to settle in with a drink in hand.

Old Town (Altstadt), Zurich, Switzerland
Old Town (Altstadt), Zurich, Switzerland. Image Credit: Thomas Wolf / CC by SA 3.0. DE.

 Pay a visit to Zurich Zoo

First opened in 1929, Zurich Zoo, otherwise known as Zürich Zoologischer Garten, is home to hundreds of species of birds and animals originating from across Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world. Involved in a number of international breeding and conservation projects, the zoo’s exhibits are renowned for their near-natural habitats and beautifully landscaped grounds. Featuring species as diverse as penguins, elephants, orangutans and Tasmanian devils, a visit to the zoo provides a fantastic opportunity to see spectacular animals from all corners of the globe in one convenient spot.

Zurich Zoo, Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich Zoo, Zurich, Switzerland. Image Credit: Tambako The Jaguar / CC by ND 2.0.

Soak up the sights from Uetliberg

A short train ride from downtown Zurich, Uetliberg is one of the city’s unmissable sights. Located on the western shore of Lake Zurich, the mountain stands high above the city, offering unrivalled views of the popular Swiss destination and its suburbs, the Limmat Valley and the Alps. Fantastic at any time of the year, the panoramic views offered by the lookout tower are nothing short of breathtaking, as are the hiking trails that wind their way up and down the peak. Whether you’re wanting to get active or simply soak up some of Zurich’s best views, Uetliberg is a worthy addition to any must-see list.

Uetilberg, Zurich, Switzerland
Uetilberg, Zurich, Switzerland. Image Credit: Oiva Eskola / CC by SA 2.0.

Explore sporting history at the FIFA World Football Museum

A must-see for football fans of all ages, Zurich’s FIFA World Football Museum documents the history of the incredibly popular sport, helping to show the ways in which it has helped to connect players and fans from across all corners the globe. Covering a mammoth 3,000?, the museum’s interactive exhibits feature interesting pieces of memorabilia, engaging video displays, football jerseys from around the world, and so much more. If you’re planning a visit, keep an eye out for the original FIFA World Cup Trophy and the giant football pinball that is sure to challenge sporting fanatic young and old.

FIFA World Football Museum, Zurich, Switzerland
FIFA World Football Museum, Zurich, Switzerland. Image Credit: FIFA World Football Museum.

Catch a live performance at the Zurich Opera House

Said to be one of the best venues of its kind in the world, the Zurich Opera House hosts a variety of performances throughout the calendar year, from opera and ballet through to live concerts and song recitals. With such a wide and varied program, the opera house attracts talent from across Switzerland and the globe to its intimate venue, which holds an audience of just 1,100. An icon of the city’s cultural scene, a visit to the Zurich Opera House is a must for anyone with a love of music, dance or theatre.

Zurich Opera House, Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich Opera House, Zurich, Switzerland. Image Credit: kuhnmi / CC by 2.0.

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Feature Image Credit: kuhnmi / CC by 2.0.

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