Budget Travel

Simple travel tips to save you time and money

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While travel is an exciting prospect for many, there is no denying that it can be an expensive endeavour. From flights to accommodation, the expenses just seem to mount up, leaving little to kit you out in the latest travel gear.

Here are our favourite budget tips for smooth sailing without the costs.

Avoid buying miniature toiletries

Because many international airlines, including Australia’s, have a restriction of 100 mls on any liquids you take through security, big brands maximise on this by offering travellers a convenient solution.

You’ll see the miniature versions of your favourite toiletries available for purchase at your local pharmacy or even at the airport, but take a second to compare the prices of the minis to full-sized bottles. In fact, a study by a UK study found that these travel sized bottles could cost over 750 per cent more per millilitre.

Your budget alternative can be found in dollar stores with small refillable bottles. Simply top up with your shampoo, body wash and conditioner before you leave home, and voila! A reusable solution that will cost you a fraction of the travel minis.

Save yourself major dollars by making your own travel mini toiletries. Save yourself major dollars by making your own travel mini toiletries.

Take your own snacks on the plane

Often if you are flying budget, especially on domestic flights, you’ll have the option to buy food in the air. Needless to say, this won’t be the most economic solution, as what you save in your cheap airline seat, you pay through the nose for bland sandwiches and crisps.

So make like you’re back at primary school and bring a packed lunch. You’ll have to buy drinks on the other side of the security checkpoint, but muesli bars, nuts, dried fruit and other snacks are usually permitted onboard. Just bear in mind that anything you don’t eat may need to be disposed of before you pass through customs at your destination.

Have you brought your own snacks on board?Have you brought your own snacks on board?

Don’t forget the humble plastic bag

This jack of all trades item can be used in an infinite number of ways when packing, and you’re bound to have some lying around at home. Use them as a shoe cover to protect your clothes while packing, and also to bag up any liquids bottles just in case you didn’t screw that lid on as tightly as you thought.

In addition, if you’re in between hotels or hostels, you can use them to separate your dirty washing until you have access to a laundry service. You can even take a few to wrap around more fragile souvenirs and presents.

The plastic bag saves the budget traveller's day. The plastic bag saves the budget traveller’s day.

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