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Exploring Brazil on a budget

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There are few countries as colourful as Brazil. With the deep greens of the forests complemented by the colourful atmosphere of carnival-led cities, this huge South American nation has a lot to offer at an affordable price.

Accessible to even those on the strictest budget, Brazil can easily be explored without breaking the bank. Here’s a quick itinerary to help stretch your dollar further and start an epic South American adventure:

Spend the day at the beach

There's plenty to see and do on the beach in Brazil.There’s plenty to see and do on the beach in Brazil.

One of the biggest draw cards in Brazil is the numerous beaches and seaside activities. No matter what time of the year you arrive, you can join locals and travellers alike who flock to Brazils sandy shores to enjoy the crystal waters and surfing the waves.

A great option for visitors on the budget is Arraial do Cabo – less than two hours from Rio de Janeiro. This white-sand and blue-water beach offers a breathtaking snorkelling and diving experience, as you swim among the many shipwrecks scattered along the shorefront.

Fill up at quilo restaurants

For a cost-effective refuelling after your swim, head back into Rio to dine at an inexpensive quilo restaurant. Available all through the city, these dining facilities allow you to serve yourself from a massive buffet of delicious local foods and then pay for your selection by weight. If a sit-down meal isn’t quite your style, you can enjoy some of the cheap treats from street venders along most popular boardwalks.  

Make friends in the dorms

When settling in for the night, dorm rooms are a great option for budget travellers. Typical Brazilian hostels offer rooms filled with six, eight or even 50 beds. You’ll be sharing a room with many like-minded wanderers, so it’ll be easy to make friends and chat about where to go next on your big adventure. 

For a more private stay, hotels are plentiful in most cities across Brazil. Single rooms are typically more expensive, so travel with a buddy or make some friends on the way to capitalise on the cheaper double rooms. Heading out of the city is also a great option, as the more remote areas tend to offer resort-style accommodation for significantly lower prices.

Get out of Rio

Explore the Amazon when in Brazil.Explore the Amazon when in Brazil.

Although not as famous as the carnival-led state of Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia is definitely worth a visit. Even those only seeking free or affordable activities will find plenty to see and do in this Brazilian capital. The city is considered a masterpiece of modernist architecture, with hundreds of stunning and striking structures to enjoy. 

Your adventures outside of Rio should of course include the Amazon. As the most naturally diverse landscape in the world, the wild jungle terrain will offer plenty of sights, sounds and experiences. Whether trekking, kayaking or taking part in a guided tour, there are a great range of affordable options available if you’re willing to shop around.

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