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Shop til?l you drop your suitcase: 5 markets of Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has blossomed into an international shopping destination, with markets at every turn alive with the sights and sounds of good-natured haggling.

The flourishing markets of the city are some of the best you'll find in the world – here are five to check out on your next visit.

Hollywood Road

Also known as Antique Street, Hollywood Road is one of the oldest in the city. It's named after the plant that grows along the street with the same name, and is where you will go to shop for (or just look, the trinkets are fascinating!) antiques. This includes everything from old pens and lighters from the western parts of the world, to stunning gold and silver items and lacquer works from the east.

Dried Seafood Street

Selling goods that are true to the name of this market, Dried Seafood Street is where to go for a true taste of Chinese culture. Such ingredients are a staple in the local diet, and the market is often bustling with shoppers just going about their grocery shopping. You'll find dried scallop, black moss, dried snakeskin, sea shrimp and dried sausage amongst the mounds of intriguing foods. Be daring and pick up some for your evening meal!

Bird Garden

For a market experience unlike any other, head straight to the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden in Kowloon. Rows upon rows of cages of colourful birds chirp and sing as you wander the stalls. For tourists this is predominantly an attraction more than a market, but for local bird? lovers it's where they stock up on bamboo cages, porcelain water dishes, and of course, birds.

Temple Street Market

As a night market, this all-in-one shopping experience has a totally different vibe to any you'd encounter on a lazy Sunday morning. First and foremost, this one is all about the food, which makes it an ideal stop for dinner. Try the claypot rice, fresh fish or spicy crab and pick up other unique snacks as you go. The rest of this 600-metre-long street is dedicated to souvenirs – clothing, jewellery, watches, electronics, jade goods and more can all be seen and bought in this buzzing party atmosphere.

Ladies Street Market

This one's for you ladies! More than 100 stalls across a 1-kilometre street sell everything made for females. Namely cosmetics, clothing, jewellery, accessories (such as bags and watches), home furnishings and more. There are plenty of goods for the guys as well, so don't shy away if you have a partner or family member in tow!

Hong Kong has a diverse array of markets offering thousands of wares – which one will you visit first?

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