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March events around the world

written by Webjet Australia March 3, 2014

With such an abundance of events, festivals and celebrations on show all year, planning a trip overseas will often coincide with an exciting occasion for visitors to enjoy.

March is no exception – there are plenty of diverse cultural events on offer for visitors to get involved in.

Holi, India

March 17, 2014

Perhaps the most bright of all the festivals celebrated worldwide, Holi is a Hindu festival all about colour. Originally celebrated by married women to ensure the happiness of their families, it takes place following the full moon in March every year and rejoices in the arrival of the spring season.

During the festival, coloured powders of all hues made from flowers, crystals and ‘gulal’ are sold at the Indian markets. These colours are used to spread upon the skin of festival-goers – creating a rainbow of colourful bodies celebrating in the streets.

St Patrick’s Festival, Ireland

March 14-17, 2014

Plenty of countries celebrate St Patrick’s Day in their own hometowns. March 17 is a time to dress up in green, feel a little lucky and embrace your inner leprechaun, courtesy of the Irish – but what better place to celebrate this historic day than in Ireland itself?

The St. Patrick’s festival takes place in Dublin in a frenzy of celebrations. Though the official date for St Patrick’s Day is always March 17, festivities occur throughout the whole week. There are plenty of events and activities to see during the festival, including a treasure hunt, Irish craft beer and food market, street performers, ‘Father Ted’ comedy show and much more.

Las Fallas, Spain

March 15-19, 2014

If you’re headed to Valencia during March 2014, be prepared for a festival of ear-splitting proportions. The festival of Las Fallas celebrates all things ‘pyrotechnics’ – and there are plenty of blasts, blazes and explosions to admire. The festival originates from the Middle Ages, when the people of Valencia torched their winter supplies come change of season. Today, the tradition is continued with doll-like effigies called fallas and ninot.

The celebrations are spectacular, with bonfires, nightclubs alive with dancers, street entertainment and live music, and festival-goers dressed in traditional clothing – it’s explosive!

Bali Spirit Festival, Bali

March 19-23, 2014

Travellers looking to revitalise, refresh and soothe the soul will be in their element at the Bali Spirit Festival, held in Ubud. The festival is relatively new, having been created by Meghan Pappenheim in 2008, and is designed to energise the body and soul with a variety of activities such as yoga, storytelling and massage.

There are plenty of options during the festival – choose from touring Balinese temples and spiritual sites, fortune telling with tarot cards, or attending a music class, art class or nutrition workshop.

The European Fine Arts Fair, Netherlands

March 14-23, 2014

Those looking for a cultured experience will be treated at this festival of arts. Held in Holland, the festival will showcase beautiful art from around the world, including French Impressionist paintings, antique furniture, portraits and abstract compositions.

Works are sourced from 275 galleries from 20 countries, and will showcase the best international art has to offer.

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