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Experience these October events around the world

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October is an exciting time around the world, with some great events to entice travellers from all corners of the globe.

Here are some of the highlights of the month and how you can be a part of them.


Munich, September 20 – October 5

Oktoberfest is one of Germany’s most famous festivals, taking place in the great city of Munich.

It celebrates one of Germany’s favourite national pastimes, beer, with sale stands, sideshows and live entertainment, beer tents and more.

Head to the Augustiner large brewery tent and experience the only tent that still serves its beer from large wooden barrels. Or check out the Hackerbräu tent, which has a revolving stage in the middle.

The Hofbräu tent is famous for hosting international visitors, while the Ochsenbraterei – Spatenbräu tent is home to ox roasted on a spit throughout the day!

There are also smaller specialty tents on offer, too. The Schutzenfesthalle tent is home to Bavarian specialties, such as suckling pig, while the Armbrustschützen tent boasts a hunting theme with trophies and other relevant decor.

While indulging in your favourite beers, be sure to try some delicacies such as roast pork, grilled fish on a stick, all varieties of sausage and cheese noodles.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque, October 4 – 12

There’s nothing quite like seeing giant hot air balloons bursting with colour rise up against the vast blue skies of Albuquerque. You can see this amazing phenomenon at the International Balloon Fiesta.

At this event, you’ll get to see more than just these majestic feats of engineering soar into the sky. There are a whole host of other attractions and forms of entertainment going on throughout the festival, including chainsaw carving, live musical acts, raffles, auctions, car shows, and of course, flying competitions.

Be sure to be present for at least one ‘Mass Ascension’, which take place at various times throughout the festivities. During this spectacle, a whole host of balloons launch into the sky in two awe-inspiring and distinct waves, led by a balloon flying the American flag with the music of the Star Spangled Banner in the background.


London, October 12

This year, the Hindu celebration of Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is taking place on October 23. Communities all around the world acknowledge this occasion, with many throwing magnificent festivals and parties. London in particular is one destination renowned for putting on a great show.

So what does Diwali actually celebrate? The festival signifies good prevailing over evil and light over dark. It reinforces family values and principles of renewal, rebirth and happiness. Its actual date varies each year as the festival aligns with a new moon in October or November.

This year, London is throwing its official celebration on October 12 in Trafalgar Square. It’s expected to attract thousands of revellers, with free music and dance from community groups, as well as professional artists, food stalls and attractions for kids.

Try on a sari, take a dance lesson, check out the Indian bazaar for trinkets and take a look at the various pampering treatments on offer in the Asian beauty zone.

The Melbourne Festival

Melbourne, October 10 – 26

Celebrate Down Under with the Melbourne Festival, one incredibly impressive arts event, acknowledged throughout the world for its quality and scale.

It features a smorgasbord of dance, theatre, visual arts, music and more, from local and international performers and masterminds.

A highlight of this year’s event is the musical and theatrical extravaganza, ‘When the mountain changed its clothing’. This features 40 young singers from the Vocal Theatre Carmina Slovenica, and delves into the coming-of-age from youth to adulthood. Many different musical styles are embraced in this performance, from choral singing to the indie genre.

Another highlight is the dance show ‘Pure Movement’ from the Trisha Brown Dance Company. Marvel at Brown’s silent pieces, Solo Olos and Watermotor, while also experiencing her dance with music in the piece Son of Gone Fishin’.

With everything from circus acts to masterclasses taking place during this festival in Melbourne, there is something for every taste.

Austin City Limits Festival

Austin, October 3 – 5 and 10 – 12

Music fans delight each year at the Austin City Limits Festival, which is held across two weekends of October in Austin.

What’s also known as the ACL Festival takes place in Zilker Park, one of the city’s most glorious green spaces that spans 46 acres. More than 130 local and international musical acts will be performing, with great food and other forms of entertainment on offer.

Highlights of this year’s lineup include Eminem, Pearl Jam, Lorde, Lana Del Ray, Outkast, Foster the People, Iggy Azalea and many more.

With so much happening around the world in October, it’s a great time to get out there and experience different cultures, events and celebrations.

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