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4 apps to download before your next overseas trip

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There’s nothing quite like the excitement you get from planning or embarking on an overseas adventure. However, there’s often another unwelcome emotion nagging in the back of your mind – apprehension.

Travelling in a foreign country can be intimidating, so it’s normal to experience some pre-flight jitters. Luckily, our trusty smartphones are designed to do more than just make calls, and there are plenty of apps you can download to make your travelling experience smoother.

Here’s our pick of the apps to download before your next holiday:

Yourcityspot App (iPhone/Android)

This recently released app is perfect for those looking to dine and party in style in the USA. Launched this year on January 10, this app lets users know where to go for the best spots to eat, drink and socialise in cities such as Los Angeles, Miami and New York. You’ll never be stuck for somewhere to eat again – plan ahead and experience cities like the locals do.

Webjet App (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Our handy iPhone app means you’ll never be stuck for a place to stay or a flight to catch again. Search and book flights and hotels in your location using an interactive map as you travel – the Webjet App gives you flexibility to make your holiday suit you. Best of all, it’s free!

World Customs and Cultures App (iPhone)

Travelling overseas can feel like the culture you once knew has been thrown out the window. To avoid the fear of offending the locals, this useful app gives an overview of what to do (and what not to do) in more than 165 different countries. Think advice on common words and phrases, how residents feel about eye contact and any relevant laws specific to the country.

XE Currency Converter App (iPhone/Android/Blackberry)

Never wonder how much that souvenir is really costing you again with this clever app that lets you convert currency, view live exchange rates and calculate prices. It has information about more than 180 currencies at any time.

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