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3 top destinations for movie lovers

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If you’re a fan of films, travelling to the location of your favourite flick can be a great way to immerse yourself in the movie world. Whether it’s the rolling hills of a beloved fantasy series or the historic cobbled streets of a particularly dark comedy, these cinema shooting locations offer a unique look behind the scenes.

What better way to improve the future viewing of your favourite films than being able to tell people you were there? Here are three great destinations to visit if you’re a fan of film:

Bruges, Belgium

The 2008 film In Bruges put this sleepy little Belgium town on the map. If you find yourself in Bruges, check out the Belfry Tower which was a centre point of some of the more shocking events in the wickedly dark comedy.

Another important feature is the many canals that wind through the town alongside the cobbled streets. You can either take a relaxing boat tour on the water or wander the roads at your own pace. Just remember to avoid any bored Irish hitmen you may find along the way!

Matamata, New Zealand

For fans of the Lord of The Rings series, New Zealand should be your first stop on a movie location tour. With Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy (and Hobbit movies) filmed across the Land of the Long White Cloud, this striking country offers a huge range of beautiful scenery and activities pulled directly from the silver screen.

Matamata provides perhaps one of the most iconic and authentic movie experiences, with the ever-popular Hobbiton film set open for public viewing. Built directly into the hills and surrounding paddocks, visiting the Shire is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. Don’t forget to stop by the Green Dragon on your way out for a delicious and complimentary refreshment.

Notting Hill, London

If you’re heading toward the United Kingdom, chances are you’ll land in London at some point on your travels. While you stay, there are plenty of famous movie locations to check out but perhaps most recognisable is Notting Hill.

The 1999 Richard Curtis romantic comedy Notting Hill made the quiet borough an instant star. Visit the bookshop were Hugh Grant’s character worked before wandering down the road to check out the corner where Julia Roberts and Grant bumped into one another and started their whirlwind romance. Or how about Hugh Grant’s famous blue door apartment?

Whether you prefer action sequences and shoot outs or star-crossed love affairs, visiting the places your favourite films were made can be a great holiday idea. Which fictional world would you most like to see?

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