Webjet's Ultimate Travel Checklist

Webjet’s ultimate travel checklist is an easy guide to help make sure you're prepared for your upcoming travel; whether it's a domestic long weekend break, or an exciting overseas holiday.

Booking Flights

• Find the cheapest flights by comparing airfares and carriers and mixing and matching flights from full-service and low-cost airlines using Webjet’s Deal Finder. Book the best flight for your travel dates and budget.
• Get in early and book in advance to help you save more. You can see flights departing up to 11 months away on Webjet.
• If you know what kind of hotel or accommodation you want to stay in while you are away, you can also book a holiday package with Webjet – inclusive of flights and accommodation.

Once you have booked your flights

• Begin researching accommodation options and book in a stay at an upmarket hotel, cost-effective apartment or a family-friendly resort.
• Book in car hire if you want the convenience of having your own set of wheels while you’re away.
• Do a quick travel warning search and consider purchasing travel insurance to help you travel with peace of mind.

Domestic Travel

• Make sure your luggage adheres to the airline’s baggage allowance and purchase extra weight in advance if required.
• Consider purchasing travel insurance, particularly if you’re travelling on an adventure holiday, skiing holiday or cruise.
• Check the forecast to make sure you’ve packed everything from sunhats and sunscreen, to mosquito repellent or thermal jackets. 

International Travel

• Check that your passport is valid for at least 6 months and make sure it meets new passport requirements for international travel (no crinkled pages, empty pages for new immigration stamps etc).
• Check with your GP about any recommended vaccinations or health warnings. Some vaccinations may need to be administered in rounds or up to 8 weeks before travel.
• Research what visas are required. Some visa applications must be lodged prior to travel and can take several weeks to process.
• Convert Australian dollars into foreign currency so you have some local money to pay for any taxis or immediate expenses upon landing. Or, consider a travel card to help you avoid nasty fees when abroad.
• Note down the address of the closest Australian embassy in your holiday destination .
• Notify your bank of where you are travelling to. This helps to avoid your card getting frozen when overseas for any purchases they may deem suspicious.
• Check smartraveller.gov.au for any travel alerts or warnings.
• Make copies and print all crucial travel documents; photocopies of your passport, flight and airlines tickets, hotel confirmations, transfer details and emergency contact details.

Other considerations

• Book an airport parking space in advance if you’re planning on leaving your car at the airport while you’re away.
• Double check what terminal your flight departs from.
• Guarantee you have approved forms of identification and see if you are able to check-in early for your flight.
• Be aware of the items that are and are not permitted in carry-on luggage and remove any banned items.
• Secure your checked luggage with zip ties or passcode-operated or key locks.
• Arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare.