What are Mixed Cabin Fares?

Webjet's Mixed Cabin Fares are designed specifically for itineraries with multiple legs and cabin classes. Previously, if you selected a premium economy, business class or first class cabin in a flight search, if that cabin class wasn’t available for all legs of the journey, then that route would not be displayed as a possible option. Now, with Webjet’s Mixed Cabin Fares, if the cabin class you searched for does not exist on certain legs, the next available cabin class will display.

Why is this useful? This can help if you are happy to fly a lower cabin class for one leg (for routing or pricing flexibility) and is great if your travel plans include domestic services and airlines, which may not offer all cabin classes. We simply display all options, rather than excluding any content that may not be one cabin class for the whole journey. Or, if you do want to only fly in one cabin class the whole journey (if available), you can still easily filter this to your liking - see how to below.

Offering Mixed Cabin Fares is all about ensuring you have visibility of all possible options to suit your itinerary.

How do I include/exclude Mixed Cabin Fares in my flight search?


  • You search for Gold Coast to Los Angeles in business class:

  • From Gold Coast you cannot fly direct, you must go via another city to Los Angeles. Some routes are only offered in economy for the first leg and then the second leg to LAX would be in business class. Our Mixed Cabin Fares feature allows you to see ALL your options, rather than hiding some routes because they do not have business class the whole way:

  • If you would like to view ALL options, even if that means economy/premium economy for the first leg of your route, leave the default search as is above and browse the best option for you.
  • If you only want to fly business class the entire way, every leg of the route, click 'Show only Business class or higher fares' (see below). You may revert back to including all cabin classes by clicking 'show all cabin classes' at any time.

    Helpful tip: For a quick way to see which results include mixed cabins, look out for the yellow highlighted text or click MORE DETAILS to see a breakdown of your journey, for example:

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