Webjet Toolbar Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Webjet Toolbar?

The Webjet Toolbar is a free Travel search and navigation service that works with your browser and accompanies you as you surf, without interrupting your Web browsing.

With the Webjet Toolbar you can:

  • Instantly check flight availability directly from your toolbar.
  • Conveniently check fares on all major airlines - on one screen.
  • Search for fares more efficiently directly from your toolbar, no matter which website you're on.

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How do I install the Webjet Toolbar?

To install the latest version of the Webjet toolbar, please go to / and follow the on-screen instructions. The Webjet toolbar is only compatible with Internet Explorer 5 or higher on Windows machines. If you're using a Mac, or you're using Netscape we're working on a toolbar for you. Download Now!

How do I un-install the Webjet Toolbar?

The Webjet Toolbar can be uninstalled using your computer's Add/Remove Programs feature. Open your Windows Start menu, go to Settings, click on Control Panel, and then double click on Add/Remove Programs. Click on Webjet and then click the remove button. The next time you open a new browser window, the toolbar should be gone.

How much does the Webjet toolbar cost to install and/or use?

The Webjet Toolbar is free of charge to install and use, but you should read our Privacy Policy before doing so.

Do you sell advertising in the Webjet Toolbar?

We do not sell advertising for the Webjet Toolbar. We want you to have the best user experience possible.

Can I hide the Webjet Toolbar?

Yes, the Webjet Toolbar can be hidden. Click on View at the top of your browser window, go to Toolbars, and click on Webjet to hide it. To show the Toolbar again, just go back and click Webjet to open it again. When you hide the Toolbar, all new browser windows will have the Toolbar hidden as well. Download Now!

Does the Webjet Toolbar or site cause pop-up ads to appear on my screen?

No, absolutely not. We think pop-up ads are just as aggravating as you do, and you will never receive one from us.

Where do they come from?

A site you visited previously, or in another browser window, may have launched a "pop-under" ad which appeared behind your open windows and only later became visible.

Some free programs (not ours!) install hidden ad serving programs when you download their product. These ad serving programs often serve pop-up ads so that it looks like they're coming from websites that don't actually serve ads. You may want to periodically go through the programs installed on your computer and remove the programs you do not recognize (Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs).

Webjet Toolbar

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