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My Booking

How do I contact Air Asia to discuss my booking?

Air Asia can be contacted directly via their Support page on their website. Please visit https://support.airasia.com/s/?language=en_GB.

Please have your Air Asia booking reference to hand. Air Asia bookings can also be self-managed by visiting the ‘My Bookings’ section of their website. Please visit https://www.airasia.com/en/gb.

How do I change or cancel a booking?

If your booking is with Jetstar, Scoot or Cebu Pacific you can manage your booking and make changes direct via the airline’s website.

For AirAsia bookings, you will need to create an account with the email address you used to make the booking.

All other airline requests for flight changes and cancellations must be submitted through the form on our Change My Booking page. This form has three options: ‘Date and Time Change’, ‘Cancel Flights’, and ‘Book Flight(s) Using Airline Credit’. Select the relevant option and submit the form. Submitting a request through this form is the quickest way to resolve your query.

Our team will review your request as soon as possible. Please note that we may be unable to respond immediately as customers with immediate travel will be prioritised first. 

How do I redeem my credit?

If an airline or hotel offers you a credit, that amount is held by that supplier for future use and not Webjet. Webjet can assist you when the time comes to re-book as per the supplier's credit and booking Terms and Conditions.

When you are ready to use that credit for a future booking, access the form on our Change My Booking page and submit a request to book your flight or hotel. You will also need to quote your Webjet booking reference number. Once you have completed the form, a Webjet team member will access your credit and book the flights or hotel on your behalf, without charging any Webjet fees.

Please note that redeeming credit is subject to the airline and hotel’s credit and booking terms and conditions. 

What if my domestic or international booking has been cancelled?

The airline you are travelling with may have offered you a credit. The value of your tickets are held in credit with the airline for future travel. Webjet can assist you when the time comes to re-book as per the airline’s credit and booking Terms and Conditions.


A few key Terms & Conditions include:

The majority of airlines have advised that you must re-book and complete your travel within 12 months from the date of when your initial booking(s) were made. Please refer to the airline’s credit policy for full details. You can do so via accessing the airline links at the top of this page.
Name changes require the fare to be upgraded to a higher fare and an additional name change fee imposed by the airline will apply at the time of rebooking.


To rebook, access for form on our Change My Booking page. Select 'Book flight(s) using airline credit' and quote your Webjet Booking Reference Number. Once you have completed the form, a Webjet team member will access your credit and book the flights on your behalf, without charging any Webjet fees.

How do I obtain a Tax Invoice?

A Tax Invoice is provided to you upon confirmation of your booking. Please refer to the attachment on your Webjet Booking Confirmation email called 'Webjet Tax Invoice and Booking Confirmation"". The Tax Invoice will be on the final page.


Important Information relating to Domestic Travel:

Webjet is an online travel agent (OTA). In this capacity, Webjet acts as an agent for airlines and receive the value of the ticket on behalf of and duly pass this on to the airline.

This means for GST purposes Webjet is not supplying airline travel to its customers. GST is only charged on Webjet’s booking and payment fees. As such the tax invoice will only reflect the GST charged on these items.

Details of any applicable GST on the airline component of the booking can be obtained from the Summary of Charges, which can be found by viewing your booking online under your Webjet profile.

How do I change a name?

If you are requesting a name change, have made a spelling error or have selected the incorrect title for a passenger and are travelling on Jetstar, Tigerair, Scoot or Air Asia please urgently contact the airline directly for further assistance.

For all other airlines, unfortunately they will not allow name changes for security reasons on international flights. However, you can request a name change on a domestic flight.

Please click here to submit a Name Change Request. Our Changes Team will then contact you to advise the applicable airline procedure and fees.

However, if you have made a spelling error it is important that this is advised to the airline or boarding could be refused by the carrier.

If you have made a spelling error or put the incorrect title for a passenger, please complete a Name Correction Request form by clicking here. 

Baggage & Seats

How can I request my seats with the Airline?

Low Cost Carriers
When making a booking: You can select a seat for Jetstar flights when making your booking. Just click on "Select Seat" under your selected flight on flights review page. For Scoot and AirAsia, seats can be added via airline's website under ""Manage Booking"" section or by calling the airline directly.

After making a booking: Seats can be requested on Airline's website under "Manage Booking" section or by calling the Airline directly.


Qantas Airways - Link Airways - Virgin Australia

In our continuing efforts to improve the customer experience (free) seat selection has now been made available for Qantas, Link and Virgin Australia flights (Domestic only). Upfront and Exit row seats with Qantas and Virgin Australia can be booked by contacting the Airline directly after you have made a booking.

When making a booking: Once you select you flights, click on "select a seat" to choose your seat.

After making a booking: Seats can be requested on the Airline's website under the "Manage Booking" section or alternatively by calling the Airline directly.

All other Airlines

If you would like to allocate your seats on any other airline please chat our 24/7 customer support and one of our consultants will help organise your seat allocation. Note: Exit row seats (seats with extra legroom) can be purchased by contacting the airline directly. 

What is seat selection and add-ons?

Seat Selection

Flight seat selection is available using our desktop website and Apps. Currently available for the list of airlines below, you can request the seat(s) you want from the review page. Look for the seat icon and click to view current seat availability.

Available on Virgin Australia and Qantas domestic flights and several other international carriers - a seat selection icon (as shown below) will be shown when free seats option is available and enabled.

We provide your seat requests to airlines, however we cannot guarantee that the airline will honour your request due to their operational requirements.

We do not guarantee that the seat(s) you select in your booking will be confirmed. Should there be a problem with your seat(s) request, you will be advised accordingly on the confirmation page. You will then need to contact the airline to request your seat(s).

Currently it is not possible to get your personal seat selection based on your frequent flyer status.

Note: With the exception of Jetstar and Tigerair, exit row seats (seats with extra legroom) can be purchased by contacting the airline directly after your booking.


In-flight vouchers is a new add-on feature available for Jetstar customers on our desktop site. You can now purchase in-flight meal vouchers at the time of the booking to be redeemed onboard your flight. Note, in-flight vouchers are not transferrable.

Baggage selection is another add-on feature available for Jetstar and Tigerair flights. For fares that do not include checked baggage, you can nominate carry on and checked baggage amounts per person.

Queue jump is also available for Tigerair flights, allowing you the option to skip the line at the gate and be the first to board. 

Manage your seat assignment

Selecting seats during the booking process
If the airline you have selected offers a seat map, Webjet will make this available to you on the “Flight Review” page (after you have selected your flight/s).

Depending on the fare purchased, you may have access to free seat selection.

However, many airlines now charge fees that allow you to book ahead and select your preferred seat. The cost may vary depending on where in the cabin you wish to sit.

If we do not show a seat map (that offers either free seat selection or at a cost) then a request can be made after the booking has been completed**


Selecting seats after the booking has been completed
Please go directly to the airline website and look for “Manage Booking” (or similar wording).

You will need your airline reference which can be found on your Webjet Booking Confirmation.

If you require any assistance or guidance, please contact our Customer Contact Centre (available 24/7).

** Please note that some airlines/fares may not allow seat selection until check-in **

Can I check-in an oversized bag or any other large item?

Most airlines allow you to check-in an oversized bag however extra baggage charges may apply. Items that may receive a fee include sporting equipment such as bikes, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, surfboard and skateboards (provided that they are no heavier than 32kgs). Wheelchair and mobility aids are allowed for check-in only upon the airlines approval, so be sure to check the policies of the airline you are flying with.

For passengers travelling domestically with a child (2-11 years) you are able to carry a car seat or a booster seat free of charge. Adults accompanying infants are entitled to carry infant special items as checked baggage free of charge, irrespective of their combined weight. These items include, but are not restricted to the following:

Portable cot
Car seat
Baby capsule

Please note: Baggage fees vary from airline to airline. We encourage you to contact the airline you are flying with directly for more information. 

Confirmation & e-Ticket

How do I access my itinerary and e-Ticket?

Your itinerary is attached to your confirmation email with the subject “Webjet Booking Confirmation”.

You can also log in to your account and access your itinerary under ‘My Account” in the header. If you have forgotten your password, please follow the prompt to reset it.

If you have made your booking as a guest, your “temporary password” can be found on your confirmation email.

Please note: your itinerary is accurate as of the time of booking. You will be notified of any changes to your itinerary via email. You can access your most up-to-date flight details by clicking the ‘View latest flight details’ button(s) in your profile or in any itinerary provided by Webjet (see instructions above regarding how to locate your itinerary).



Please Note: Low-Cost Airlines (Jetstar, Scoot) are ticketless and do not issue e-Tickets. A separate email will be sent to you directly from the airline as confirmation of your flight/s. The confirmation will include a barcode that you can use for check-in etc.

If you are flying with Jetstar, Scoot, and would like to access your latest itinerary please click on your airline’s name and enter your airline reservation number (located in your Webjet confirmation email).

For all other airlines, a separate email is sent by Webjet providing a link to your e-ticket/s.Alternatively, you can click on the “View latest flight details’ button in your profile or in any itinerary provided by Webjet (as per above). This will also link you directly to your e-ticket/s.

We recommend printing your e-Ticket as the airline may require it to be presented upon check-in. 

When will I receive my e-tickets?

Flight Bookings:
Jetstar, Scoot, Cebu Pacific & Air Asia 
You will receive an E-Ticket directly from the airline & a Webjet booking confirmation email within 24 hours of booking, you will have 2 confirmation emails.

If you have not received a separate email from the airline, we suggest you to check your spam / junk folder before contacting the airline directly.


All Other Airlines
You will receive a Webjet booking confirmation email within 24 hours of booking, with instructions on how to access your E-Ticket.

Please note that your E-Ticket will be issued independently of your confirmation and could require up to 48 hours for delivery to the email address provided during booking. Upon receipt of your E-Ticket, you will be able to utilise the airline's platform to select seats or access any other available airline services.

For any further assistance with your booking, you can start a messaging conversation with our 24/7 customer support.

I have not received a booking confirmation email.

All bookings will generate a confirmation email.

You can access your bookings or itineraries stored under your profile. Please click here to log into your profile.

Once logged on, click on the "My Bookings" tab. Your most recent booking will be listed on top. To gain access to all your bookings please click on ‘Past bookings’ link.

Helpful Hint: If you haven’t received a confirmation email on your booking, we suggest you to first check your Junk email folder. 


How do I pay for my booking?

Flight Payments

Funds must be available at the time of booking. Ticketing will only be issued once the booking is paid in full. If you are required to rebook your flights, please refer to webjet.com.au for the latest prices. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Car Hire Payments
Choose your car hire company, and if available, select your preferred payment option: Pre-Paid (in full or partial payment) or Pay on Arrival. Please refer to your booking confirmation for full pick up details.

For Pre-Paid bookings (full or partial payment), the amount payable will be processed in EUR currency at the current exchange rate on the day of purchase. Please note, exchange rates used by your credit card company may vary, refer to your payment provider for full details.

For Pay on Arrival bookings, the amount payable will be charged to the payment method presented at the time of pick up at the local currency rate (e.g. AUD in Australia).


Hotel Payments

Reserve Now, Pay Later. Dream big & lock in your next stay now without the upfront costs by looking out for Webjet's flexible Pay Later* option on over 500,000 properties. Book at Webjet today, and pay the balance when you arrive, combined with flexible cancellation policies ahead of your stay.

PrePaid. If payment is required in full up front, funds must be available at the time of booking. If you are required to rebook your accommodation, please refer to webjet.com.au for the latest prices. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Webjet charges no booking fees on 'Hotel Only' bookings, and offers 24/7 customer service to ensure you can book accommodation on your next trip with confidence.


Payment Exclusions & Conditions

  • Some airlines may not accept American Express Membership Rewards® Points. For a list of eligible payment methods available for your booking type, please refer to the payment options available at check out.
  • If you are not the Primary Account Holder of the nominated payment method at the time of booking, you must have permission from the Primary Account Holder. Webjet reserves the right to cancel a Webjet booking without notice, in the event of misuse or suspected fraud by a third party.

What payment options are accepted at Webjet?

Webjet accepts a range of trusted, secure payment options, including:

Webjet Payment Fees may apply. Please review eligibility criteria, fees, and terms and conditions prior to check-out.

Does Webjet offer interest-free or 'Book Now, Pay Later' payment options?

Yes, Webjet now accepts a range of Buy Now, Pay Later payment options, including:

Please refer to preferred payment provider for full terms and conditions. Webjet Payment Fees apply.

Can I redeem Points to pay for my Webjet booking?

Yes. If you are an existing card member of the American Express Membership Rewards® or NAB Rewards programs, you can now redeem your points to pay for an eligible Webjet booking.

If you are paying with American Express Membership Rewards® points, you can use the Webjet Points Plus Pay slider to change the mix of cash and points at check-out. The remaining balance will be charge to the nominated American Express Credit Card.

If you are paying with NAB Rewards, please follow the prompts to complete your payment at the time of booking. The remaining balance can be paid for with an eligible credit or debit card.

Please refer to your preferred payment provider for eligibility criteria and full terms and conditions.

How do I use a Gift Card to pay for my booking?

A physical or digital Webjet Gift Card can be used as a payment method for eligible bookings. Eligible booking include flights, select hotels, and holiday packages. Insurance products purchased as an eligible booking are also valid with Gift Card redemptions. Gift card redemption is not eligible for bookings with 'Things To Do', car hire, or motorhome bookings; insurance as a standalone product, and/ or Reserve Now, Pay Later hotel bookings. 

To redeem a Webjet Gift Card, simply enter the 12 character alphanumeric code at the payment page.

If the amount of your booking exceeds the value of your Webjet Gift Card, you will be prompted to pay the difference with an eligible Credit or Debit card only. The remaining balance cannot be paid for with PayPal, PayPal Pay in 4 options (Afterpay, Paypal, Zip), Google Pay, Apple Pay, American Express Membership Rewards® or NAB Rewards.


How do I request a refund or travel credit?

A request for a refund or travel credit can be submitted through the form on our Change My Booking page. Submitting a request through this form is the quickest way to resolve your query.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) currently advises that it expects customers to receive a refund or other remedy, such as a credit note or voucher from an airline, if travel has been cancelled. This is the expectation in most circumstances. As your booking agent, Webjet is able to support you in obtaining a refund or credit from airlines, hotels or other third-party travel service providers that you have booked through Webjet. In most cases, airlines require Webjet customers to use Webjet to put forward a claim. This is done in order to reduce call volumes directly to the airline.

Please note that Webjet, in accordance with travel industry practices, forwards all customer funds to the relevant airline within 14 days of airfare purchase. This industry practice is, in part, to protect consumers from failures within the travel agent industry. Webjet does not retain client funds and, in accordance with the terms of our service, the responsibility for providing a refund or credit rests with the airline and is determined in accordance with the airline’s terms and conditions. We will continue to assist you in your dealings with the airlines you have booked through us and to manage this process on your behalf. Where Webjet receives a refund on your behalf, Webjet will provide the refunded amount to you as soon as those funds have been cleared. 

What is Webjet's cancellation policy?

Webjet acts as an agent on behalf of the applicable Third Party Provider(s) in providing access to facility of flights, hotels, car hire and insurance bookings.

Therefore, Third Party Providers may impose their own terms and conditions in relation to their Travel Products (for example, an airline's terms of carriage, the cancellation conditions of a hotel booking). You must accept and agree to those Product Terms to complete your Booking. You should carefully read the Product Terms specific to the applicable Travel Products before completing your Booking.

Please note that any amount paid towards payment fees, Webjet Servicing Fee and Webjet Booking Price Guarantee fee will remain non-refundable.

If you require assistance in checking the cancellation policy of your booking please email us on [email protected] or simply start a messaging conversation with out 24/7 support team. 

When will I receive my refund?

Flight Bookings:
Once your refund has been submitted to the airline, the processing time by the airline can take up to 12 weeks. Once Webjet has received your refund from the supplier, your refund will be passed onto you, back to the original form of payment on your booking.

Hotel Bookings:
Once your refund has been submitted to our hotel provider, the hotel processing time can take 10-15 business days. Once Webjet has received your refund from the supplier, your refund will be passed onto you, back to the original form of payment on your booking.

Insurance Bookings:
Once your refund has been requested to our Insurance provider, Covermore, the refund processing time can take 3-4 weeks. Once Webjet has received your refund from the supplier, your refund will be passed onto you, back to the original form of payment on your booking.

What do I need to be made aware of for a refund of my COVID credit with Qantas?

How do I know this is a genuine email from Webjet?

To verify that you are receiving genuine communication from us, please note that all official marketing and system communications are sent from our verified email domains: @news.webjet.com.au or @webjet.com.au.

Additionally, any requests for payment or sensitive information will only be made through secure platforms that require two-factor authentication.

If you are ever unsure about a message, you can verify its authenticity by contacting our customer service directly through our official website or by calling our customer service helpline. Always check the URL of any provided link to ensure it leads to our official website without unexpected redirects.

Rest assured, your security and privacy are our top priorities. We strive to provide you with a safe and seamless communication experience.

The refund link has expired, how do I request for a new link to be sent to me?

If your refund link has expired, we apologise for the inconvenience. Please reach out to us directly by replying to the email that was sent to you. Alternatively, contact us at [email protected]. We will verify your identity and issue a new secure link for your refund process.

Who can I speak to a person to ask questions about what has been sent to me?

Our dedicated customer support team is available to address any concerns or questions you may have regarding the refund process. Please contact us through the support section of our website, via chat, or over the phone for personalised assistance.

I'm unable to log in because the previous email address used is now closed. What do I do now?

If you cannot access the email account previously associated with your Webjet account, please contact our customer support team. They will assist you with updating your account details securely and ensuring you can access your refund.

Can I update my payment details inside my Webjet account to receive my refund?

Unfortunately updating your nominated card in your Webjet account will have no bearing on the refund being able to be processed back to you. The refund must be processed back to you via the secure link that is shared with all eligible customers.


What is the Carbon Offset program?

Webjet's Carbon Offset program, Sustainable Traveller, allows travellers to reduce the environmental impact of their travel through carbon offsetting.

By purchasing carbon offsets, travellers support environmental projects that remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere (such as planting forests) or prevent future emissions from occurring (such as replacing a coal-fired power station with a wind farm).

Webjet calculates flight emissions using TEM’s BlueHalo technology. The BlueHalo software uses international standards to convert greenhouse gas emissions associated with a flight such as aircraft type, distance travelled and litres of fuel used, to tonnes of CO2e. Learn more: https://www.webjet.com.au/about/sustainable-traveller/

Who can I talk to about my Webjet Travel Insurance (powered by Cover-More)?

If you have questions about your Cover-More Travel Insurance Policy purchased at Webjet, please call Cover-More Customer Support on 1300 468 601, or visit the Cover-More website.

How do I earn Frequent Flyer points with my Webjet booking?

To earn Frequent Flyer points with your Webjet booking, enter your Frequent Flyer number during the booking process under the ‘Traveller Information’ heading on the checkout page. 

My passport number has changed since I made the original booking as it required renewal. Will this impact on my e-ticket?

Passport details will be viewed upon check-in with the airline. If you have received a new passport since you made the booking, this will have no effect to your reservation.

How much is an upgrade to business class?

If you have an existing booking and wish to upgrade to Business Class, please start a messaging conversation with our 24/7 customer support to discuss changes. 

Is passport information required for online bookings?

 All details entered must be identical to that on your passport or photo ID that you will provide at check-in.  

How do I update my passport details for the booking?

If you are flying with Jetstar, Scoot, you will need to contact the airline directly. Please provide your airline reference number to the airline for any updates.

For any other airline, please chat with our 24/7 customer support so that we can add this to your booking.

Please note:
• Please provide the passenger’s name as exact the same on the passport, passport number, issue country and the expiry date.

• It is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid passport and Visa where required.

• Please update passport details at least a business day upon your departure. 

How do we book wheel chair service?

Once you have created your booking online, please call the airline direct to advise that a wheelchair is required.

The airline may need to know specifics in relation to the request. For example, does the passenger require assistance to the gate lounge, can they walk to their seat on the flight, etc.

If you are travelling with your own wheelchair, the airline will also require the dimensions of the chair and whether it is manual or battery powered. 

Does Webjet guarantee the booking price?

Extending and upgrading our unique Seat Price Guarantee for flight prices, Webjet now additionally guarantees the prices of any hotel, car rental or insurance product booked at the same time and all for one low fee automatically included in your booking payment summary.

The Booking Price Guarantee secures the prices you have selected, provided you complete your booking within 30 minutes.

Important Information

Webjet reserves the right to limit liability to $1,000 per booking.

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