Best Deals for Popular Travel Dates

It's time to start thinking about your 2019 European trip, with a wide range of airlines releasing sale fares now! We've handpicked a selection of top destinations below to start your search and help you easily compare all the best available deals.

Tip: Consider flying into one city and out of another using our multicity search option above. Not only could there be savings involved, but it's also a great way to build out your own itinerary and experience more of what Europe has to offer.

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Flight Deal of the Week

Each year, airlines release limited-time flight specials to some of the most popular holiday destinations. Early-bird flights are often released between late-August and October and offer low airfares for the following year. When the airlines release their early-bird flights, it's a great time lock in your overseas trip for the next year. So if you're ready to make your travel dreams a reality in 2019, check out a range of flight specials now. Webjet has your guide on early-bird flights and how to make the most of these deals.

Purchasing early bird airfares means saving money and getting to visit places you might not be able to visit otherwise. Airlines offer bargains to some of the most popular destinations around the world. 

If you are interested in booking some early bird flights but need some inspiration on where to go, here are some of Webjet’s top destinations to visit.



London is an exciting city with so much to do. There’s something for everyone with lots of museums, great food, fun nightlife, and regular festivals and events. From London, you can easily catch a train to visit other parts of the UK. Continue your adventures to Bath, Manchester, and Scotland. If you want to visit another country on your holiday, catch a cheap flight to Dublin or catch the Eurostar over to Paris.

Few cities blend the old and the new quite as well as Rome. The city is full of landmarks that are thousands of years old, and the food is incredible. Extend your trip to experience some other areas of Italy, such as Venice, Florence, Lake Como, Cinque Terre, and the Amalfi Coast.

Paris is widely thought of as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The culture is unlike anywhere else, and there are so many landmarks to see within Paris and the surrounding region. If you’re in France for a couple weeks, extend your trip down south to the French Riviera or take a tour of the world-famous Bordeaux wine region.

For an authentic Mediterranean experience, Barcelona is an amazing city to explore. The city is full of unique architecture, and the beaches are beautiful. Barcelona is known for its exciting nightlife, perfect weather, and delicious seafood. From Barcelona, catch a train to southern France or continue your journey through Spain and Portugal.

Amsterdam is a city built on a series of canals. It’s incredibly scenic and one of the most photogenic cities in Europe. There’s lots of history, and outside the city, the Dutch countryside is known for its beautiful tulips and windmills. From Amsterdam, you could easily continue your holiday in Germany, Belgium, or France.

Early-bird flights offer deals for all different flight classes. With the money you save on airfare, it could be the perfect opportunity to upgrade your seat as well. If it has always been your dream to sit first-class on an international flight, booking early could allow you to do so without cutting into your travel budget too much.


Economy Class

Economy is the most affordable flight class to book. When you are travelling domestically, economy is usually just a basic seat. However, airlines have really improved the economy experience in recent years. Each airline varies a bit, but almost all long-haul international flights from Australia offer the basic comforts. Airlines serve meals and have personal in-flight entertainment systems where you can watch movies, listen to music, and play games.


Business Class

If you are travelling a long distance, upgrading to business class can really increase your comfort onboard. As well as an entertainment system, business class seats have much more room than economy class. Business class on many airlines even has “lie flat” seats, which fully recline so you can have a good sleep and arrive to your destination feeling fresh. Business class has a more extensive menu than first class, offering several courses and the choice of wine, beer, or liquor to accompany your meal.


First Class

First class is the creme de la creme of air travel. It offers a luxurious experience and can be the perfect way to start your holiday. First class is made up of a limited number of seats at the front of the airplane. Seats are spacious, comfortable, and fully recline. First class has an in-flight entertainment system and often has dividers between seats for privacy. A gourmet menu and complimentary drinks are served, and you’ll often be given a glass of champagne right when you sit down. First class also has its perks before you even take off. First class passengers have a designated lounge to go to before the flight and are the first to board.

Be Flexible

One of the best ways to take advantage of flight deals is to be flexible with your travel dates. Airlines often release early bird airfares for flights in a certain time frame. Book your trip within those dates to save money on airfare and put the extra money toward your experience instead! Airfare varies month by month, and the lowest airfare tends to be in the shoulder season between the high and low seasons.


Book Early

Keep your eye on Webjet, and book your flights as soon as early bird airfares are released. Early bird flights from Australia sell out quickly, so make sure you grab the deal before prices go back up.


Be Open to Stopovers

Direct flights tend to be more expensive, so for the best deals, look at flights that include one or two stopovers. Many international early bird flights from Australia have stopovers in Singapore, Hong Kong, or Dubai. If you have a long stopover you can even leave the airport and spend some time exploring your layover city. It’s like having a pre-holiday to your holiday!


Purchase Travel Insurance

When you book an early bird flight far in advance, you could save lots of money on your flight booking. But things could change in the time between the date you book and the date of the flight, especially when you book many months ahead of time. In case anything changes and you aren’t able to go on holiday for the dates you booked, make sure you have travel insurance. This will ensure you get a refund if you need to cancel a flight or change your travel dates.


Utilise Ground Transportation

If you have booked a flight to an airport outside the main city you want to visit, utilise ground transportation to get there. By booking flights to a smaller city and then catching a train or bus to a bigger city, you’ll save money while also getting to see an extra place!


Compare Several Airlines

Airlines offer different flight specials, so by checking several different ones, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. If you book through Webjet, you don’t need to worry about this, because we’ll compare the airfare from the different airlines for you!


Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until you see flight specials to start planning your trip. Plan ahead with a general plan of where you would like to visit and what time of year. Then, as soon as the early-bird flights from Australia are released, you can scoop them right up!


Prioritise Airlines

Airlines will all have slightly different early-bird flight specials. Decide if you want to go for the cheapest airfare available or if you’d rather book through a certain airline. Although your preferred airline’s early-bird fares may cost a little more, if you are a frequent flyer with them, it may be worth it. Especially if you are booking long-haul flights, you will earn lots of points that you can put toward your next holiday.


Consider Flying from Another Australian City

To find the best airfare deals, compare flights from your closest airport as well as airports in neighbouring cities and states. If there is a great deal to the place you want to visit departing from another city in Australia, compare it to the cost departing from your city. If there is a big difference in rate, you may save money by booking a train, bus, or cheap flight to the other city and catch.

Popular Travel Dates

Have your next holiday in mind? One of the first things you should do is check to see if your planned travel dates fall within your destination’s peak travel season. Be it during school holidays, across the Christmas and New Year celebrations, or over the Easter long weekend; some travel dates are naturally more popular with holiday-makers. And with that demand can often come an increase in flight prices. But you can give yourself the best chance of side-stepping this airfare spike by booking peak season flights in advance. Organising your flights as soon as you have your destination and dates firmed up can have its rewards. Not only can you focus on planning the more exciting parts of your holiday – what you might see, do and experience – but you may also save some money on your airfare because you have avoided any last-minute price increases.

So what travel dates fall into peak season periods? Australian school holidays are a big one - especially the end-of-year holidays that also cover Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Australia Day. It’s not just families holidaying over these dates though. As well as schools being out for the year, some offices also close for the main holiday dates – and these employees may be tempted into booking their own end-of-year holiday too. Destinations that are perennially popular with Australian travellers – Bali, Phuket, Queensland – can become even busier during the school holidays, and the best hotels and resorts often get booked up months in advance.

Outside of school breaks, national holidays, celebrations and even pop culture events also contribute to peak season flight increases. Revellers travel in huge numbers to Munich for Oktoberfest; to Bangkok for Songkran; for Chinese New Year in Hong Kong; and for Diwali in India. This is also true for sporting events, from F1 Grand Prix and Grand Slam tennis tournaments to quadrennial occasions such as the World Cup or Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

While you may not be able to do much to avoid the crowds if you’re travelling over these dates, you can avoid last-minute flight price increases by getting in early and booking peak season specials as soon as you lock in your travel dates. This trick can leave you with extra money in your hip-pocket to spend while you’re away.

Of course, it isn’t just calendar holidays that create peak seasons. Weather has a big part to play too. The European summer (June to August) sees an influx of travellers landing in the likes of London, Rome and Paris to tick off visits to some of the world’s most recognisable landmarks and monuments. Australians planning a holiday to Europe that falls over the summer season should get in early to snap up the best airfares and accommodation options, particularly if you’re wanting to travel to some of Europe’s most popular cities or sights. Some European cities do become busier during winter however, such as alpine destinations that lure in keen skiers and snowboarders, or picturesque towns and villages that are transformed into wonderlands with festive markets, twinkling lights and Christmas cheer.

Japan’s cherry blossom season is a magnet for travellers wanting to witness the beauty of these pretty blooms and flights to Tokyo are in high demand during the short-lived flowering period (usually between April and May).

*Prices are subject to availability, include taxes and airline surcharges. All prices on this page are subject to change without notice. Whilst Webjet makes every effort to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information, in the event a product is listed at an incorrect price, whether due to typographical, photographic, or otherwise, Webjet may refuse or cancel any orders placed for a product listed at the incorrect price.